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  1. Satoshi

    dos command "shutdown"

    yo, was wondering if anyone could help me out with this dos command, using "shutdown -i" i'm trying to restart other computers on my home network remotely, but when i attempt to restart it then, displays "(computer name) access denied" and the access is denied on all 3 off my computers other...
  2. Satoshi

    Where did you get your online name from?

    Satoshi? I got it from Pokemon! buahahahaha
  3. Satoshi

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me, or is there no edit post button?
  4. Satoshi

    Who Plays uRO?

    Who plays ragnarok on ultima server? If anyone does you might know me :o i'm that priest Satoshi that everyone hates
  5. Satoshi

    Remember me? :D

    Who remembers me? :D
  6. Satoshi


    Read this... Virginity Auction
  7. Satoshi

    The Viridian Room-Flash Game

    heres part 2 of the crimson game, enjoy Viridian Room
  8. Satoshi

    Internet speed

    Is there a program or something which allows a modem to evenly split the speed of the connection between computers? It would be nice if there is because i would like to download without my bro having a cry over me lagging him when his playing cs.(which stops my mass anime/manga downloads >.>)...
  9. Satoshi


    Does anyone here play that net game called Gunbound?
  10. Satoshi

    Happy New Year All!

    Yo yo yo yo yo man(and women) wassup wassup wassup!!! er... nothing much to say but...HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! btw, sorry if i break any rules here, i haven't been here in AAGGGGEEESSSSSS and a lot of stuff could have changes.