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    PC Techs, what do u think

    how do u guys optimize a computers,for performances This is what I got,please let me know if i need to add. software optimzation 1)remove programs 2)spyware removal 3)less programs at Startup 4)all driver and OS updates 5)adjusting visual effects 6)registry editing 7)clean tepompary internet...
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    Computer Techs help?

    Well hello,I ve had My gateway computer for about 3 yrs now......recently I installed ubuntu 8.10,atleast tried...becuase it seemed to install correctly as a partition. And I know how to partition. It asked for me to reboot to complete the installation so I did. After that my PC booted into...
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    Pj64 controllers

    Hey everyone, Im new to this but,so correct me if im dis-obeying the forum rules.... Is it true you can only use one usb controller per PC? I want to know if I can use 2 usb controllers so 2 people can play on the same PC, like multiplayer.If so, will they be compatible with Project 64? I Will...