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    Additional players

    Most of the games have a limitation on players, why do they so? And how to override it?
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    Storage options

    How to choose a cost-effective cloud storages?
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    Virus free Games

    Utilizing online gaming sites might also lead to the downloading virus. So apart from antivirus, what would be your tips to stay away from those kinds of sites?
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    Addiction to PUBG

    How do keep ourselves free from getting addicted to games, like nowadays to PUBG?
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    Best of entertainments

    Which is the best entertainment and how do you rate it best?
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    Accessing Internet

    Accessing the internet from a restricted place isn't a big deal yet creating restricted contents is a big deal. So how do you manage to upload them quickly?
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    Accessing systems virtually through phone

    Accessing systems virtually through pc has become so common but through mobile phone not so. So what would be your recommendation for accessing pc's through smartphones?
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    Looking for a mobile device that can turn into a keyboard for TV

    Looking for a mobile device that can turn into a keyboard for TV or apt application that can support the mobile phone to act as a keyboard.
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    Game Problem: Stuck in a game

    What would you do if you can't able to move further to the next stage or level in a game?
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    Gaming Hints

    How it would be interesting to complete a game with the hints?
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    I'm a financial consultant by profession and the most favorite way for me to relax is by playing games especially virtual games. I would also like to chat with people of gaming interest.
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    Movie on game characters

    Which game character or games do you want to be made into a movie?
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    Computer Problem: SMPS failure

    Whether there's any chance to PC/system blast due to overuse of SMPS?