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  1. Mourgos

    Shitty films...

    Some people say that it's difficult to distinguish a good movie from a cinema-masterpiece but you don't have to be a cinema critic to know what oyu really don't like.Sooo name movies that you'd rather have your hand cut than to pay to see them again... To make a start ,I say the Dreamcatcher.I...
  2. Mourgos

    Can you add these emoticons?

    I've mentioned this in another thread as well ,but since you may not have seen it yet I'll post it here as well.Can you add these two to the list?
  3. Mourgos


    Hey ,Lefteris what is that googlebot that keeps appearing in the active users list?
  4. Mourgos

    KidneyKai's birthday!

    I just saw it.Happy birthday ,dude.
  5. Mourgos

    Monkey Island 5 rumors

    Some rumors are spreading in the web concerning the development of a new Monkey Island game. Check here. As Monkey Island is by far my favourite game series,these are thrilling news.Let's just hope this is true.
  6. Mourgos

    Warlords Battlecry II

    I got the game from a PC magazine and tried it online.I don't have to say that I had my ass kicked.A guy had a lv30 hero...I had no chance with my lv12 one.Anyway if anyone cares to play online, PM me.I hope I'll be stronger by then :D
  7. Mourgos

    MU Online

    Has anyone played mu online?I heard it's quite good (and free more importantly) but it's 67 mbytes so I'd like a second opinion before I start downloading it.
  8. Mourgos

    Mame question

    Can you play online with mame? If yes how exactly? If not with which other emulator can you play online and how? I know these questions are idiotic but I haven't played any game online yet.
  9. Mourgos

    N-Gage games on other mobile phones

    Do you remember what I had told you about some hackers breaking the protection code of N-Gage games ? Well according to some new articles I read ,it seems that now we are able to download these games over the internet and play them on any Symbian mobile phone ,especially on a Nokia 60 series...
  10. Mourgos

    Kazaa Wins!

    I just read that Kazaa won the trial over the Buma/Stemra record company. The supreme european court decided that the distribute and use of Kazaa is completely legal. That sure is important for the future of p2p networks ,at least in Europe since the american courts seem to be always in favour...
  11. Mourgos

    My Web page building question

    My question is like this : I want to make my page collect some data from input boxes and then send them to an asp file that will put them in a database and confirm its action to the user with a message. Also I want my page to be able to retrieve the data from the database. In simple words I...
  12. Mourgos

    Visual Basic Questions

    I have Visual Basic 5 and I've got some questions: i)How can I make the computer screen go black ewcept of a specific window. ii)How can I make a program play a music file (e.g. a wav file) ? I know that these may look simple to some ,but I can't find anything relative in the VB Help .So if...
  13. Mourgos

    Trembling Screen

    Sometimes after using some emus in fullscreen mode (Snes9XW ,ZSNES ,Project64 ,1964 ) the screen starts trembling .This doesn't happen with any other program I use - at least I didn't see it happen .Note that this doesn't always happen when I use the emus ,except Snes9xw that always causes this...
  14. Mourgos

    What's Your Job ?

    I'm university student at electricity and computer engineering .
  15. Mourgos

    Is Any Of You Making Comics

    So are you,cause I am and I'm thinking of sending my work to a newspaper to be published ,yet it's extremely difficult to paint your scanned drawings on CorelDraw or any other drawing program I've tried . Do you know of any good program to easily and fastly paint your drawings ?
  16. Mourgos

    Emus For Moble Phones

    Are there any emus for mobile phones at all because I don't find any. I'm looking emus for panasonic gd87 so if anyone knows anything please let me know.
  17. Mourgos

    Change The Topic

    Wow I'm the first one on a topic. That's a first. I thinnk that you'd better change the topic to comic in general than just anime and manga .