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  1. Pjater

    Game Problem: Harvest Moon 64, the tool upgrades dont work?

    Something is seriously wrong, i have the gold water can and it still only water one square? Is it a bug or what? It takes all day to water all, i dont have time for that :( Tryed in both Project64 and 1964 its an (U) (!) Rom so it should work :msn_confu
  2. Pjater

    Emulator Problem: Snes9x - Gamepad problem?

    Hi, i got problem with the steering on every game on snes9x-1.53 64bit on windows 7 like on Final fantasy 2 if you walk in to stuff like walls or people from left or right he turns automatic up and start walking up, and in the menus if you press right/left the pointer goes up instead. Its just...
  3. Pjater

    Emulator Problem: pcsx2-0.9.8 Games run slow.

    The games run slow what can i do? Ive tried the speed hack thingy with no diffrence, i got a Amd dual-core 3ghz and 2gig ram and inbuilt Ati Radeon x1200 with 831mb memory and use windows 7 64bit.
  4. Pjater

    Computer Problem: Final Fantasy 9

    Ive played it now but the options for fight and magic and items and those doesent show?? Ive tried 4 diffrent plugins, but nothing works??