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  1. kakashi-dog5218

    help with bad egg on pokemon firered

    does anyone the cheat code for removeing a badegg??? I really need help.
  2. kakashi-dog5218

    2 best game...

    kind of a hard game but I will guess a game and give 4 hints.and the first one that gets the game corect gets to pick a game.and the other people have to guess that persons game. ill starts with a s. its an adventure can play it on a ninteno 64.your obgecit in the game is to...
  3. kakashi-dog5218

    best game yet...

    this is somethimes a fun game all you have to do Is wright you username with you feet.ill start.,kzamm mjnjjuhb g.damit I freking suck at this.oh people try and do it:mad:
  4. kakashi-dog5218

    Emulator Problem: help with the iDeaS emulater

    how do I make it go faster???.If you cant make it faster then thats ok but its really slow:confused: