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    Wine 9.0 & Wine 9.11
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    RetroArch 1.19.1
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    Rosalie's Mupen GUI v0.6.2
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    Reading pdf on linux

    It can be messed syntax or other pdf format here what im mean: Scroll to: "ISO standardization"
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    Top video and audio players

    1.QMplay2 its a unique and fast player for linux among others: 2.Haruna Player its based on mpv. 3.VLC als unique player with mant features. 4.Kodi home theater software...
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    Reading pdf on linux

    There are few programs to read pdf every have own cons and pros. 1. Okular besides reading pdf its a multi document wiever reads: pdf,epub,mobi and fb2 among others. To install it on debian based distros with all plugins: sudo apt install okular* Official site:
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    Other file hosting

    Other hosting servers:
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    Other number systems tutorial
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    Free programing courses
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    Top nes games for two players at once

    1.Chip n Dale, Chip n Dale 2 2.Contra,Super Contra 3.Warpman 4.Battle City And thats all for now. Ps:
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    Ventoy latest version and whats that and guide
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    GDevelop creating games without coding
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    How to be less stressed and brain diet for memory and focus
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    10 Best Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

    Here list:
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    Forgetting curve and how prevent it Figure 1 – The Forgetting Curve Note: Ebbinghaus's research dates back to the 1880s, but it is still widely used and highly regarded. In 2015, a research team successfully reproduced his findings, and concluded that his methods...
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    Creating own linux live cd also to install
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    Pomodoro technique and more about mind maps

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    HTTPie ,CURL,Wget download files by command line on linux
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    How to read faster

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    Apple releases new AI