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  1. ulaoulao

    Legality of Emulation?

    More like, same as having a thief come over to your house and letting you play his stolen copy. Though, I'm pretty sure the website actually downloads a part or the entire game to your system? So in affect your were planted with stolen property. Ignorance is not an accepted albeit . If you are...
  2. ulaoulao

    Backdoor found in xz on linux

    There are two points to undestand here. 1) As Linux gets more populare, the more of this we are going to see. Attackers attack the masses, not the minorities. It is a number game. If you attack 1k people you may get 1 hit. If you accack 100k you may get 100 hits. So the more the to offer, the...
  3. ulaoulao

    Retroarch 'fire' button issue solution?

    Sounds to me like an adapter/controller issue, can you see if this happens outside of RA? Either watch it in the joystick tester (joy.cpl) or test on another emulator?
  4. ulaoulao

    Why are certain sounds missing in my beloved arcade cabinet?

    hard to say if this is a bot or a person, they rhyme spoken word theme is a bit unnecessary but never the less. No emulation will ever give you perfect sound, this is after all emulation. A good way to simulate this without real hard ware is to buy and here it on a MiSTer. Also remember sounds...
  5. ulaoulao

    the ultimate usb controller, just got better

    Hey emulation nerds, want to announce the upcoming release of the Gamer-Pro Advanced. This is the follow up to Gamer-Pro or original 4-Play more about that here. The Advanced...
  6. ulaoulao

    Where can I find safe downloads for PS3 and Xbox 360 games?

    Wait... let me get this question right, you want to steal, and commit an illegal action, and are hoping to find a "secure platform" for this? So, assuming you are aware stealing is a crime, how on earth do you plan to steel in a secure manner? Sounds a bit much like an oxymoron don't you...
  7. ulaoulao

    Which laptop would be better for emulation: Lenovo T550 i5-5200u (HD 5500) or MacBook Pro i7-3635QM (HD 4000). Both run windows 10 if thats a factor.

    Both emulators requires a work horse. the CPU clock rate is going to be the most important pieces. The integrated graphics. is going to be an issue, they are never a wise choice, and the laptop top the other issue. Remember your laws of physics. In short the large of the two are going to work...
  8. ulaoulao

    Is there a gamecube emulator console

    so guessing you are new to all of this? Have you noticed that downloading games, is hit and miss, have you noticed many sites spam you with nudity? Are you starting to see that many people are not willing to help you find games? Well, if not you will, and that is all for a good reason. Shhh...
  9. ulaoulao

    Bliss-Box Bridge

    I have used EZ for a long time and it was the forums I first advertised and talked about the Bliss-Box. So I'd figured I'd continue that trend. Bliss-box has had a lot of products here and there but the Bridge is something new. Although it is made to work with the Bliss-Box, it is possible it...
  10. ulaoulao

    The end in hear.

  11. ulaoulao

    Xbox Controllers

    Some emulators will not work with xinput, (either of those). HID was the standard for many years. and recent emulators used xinput. Some only xinput, its a mess but that's why adapters exist that do both. is the best for HID (if you have originals), where xbox like are the best...
  12. ulaoulao


    Maybe a good time to add Flycast to the dreamcast list. as it just got D3d support. build bots available here
  13. ulaoulao

    Gameboy Advance Multiplayer

    This file you keep sharing seems to be suspicious.. if you think this is an emulator, link to a write up, not a random file.
  14. ulaoulao

    switch emulators?

    Are there any plans to get a switch section up and running? Both top emulators are nearly perfect... Nintendo Switch Emulator Selection Guide Nintendo Switch Emulator For PC Yuzu Emulator <-- amazing. Ryujinx <-- my runner up Cemu Emulator <-- have not tried for switch. Nintendo Switch...
  15. ulaoulao

    Best Intellivision Emulator

    ah, I didn't get a chance to fact check but I'm pretty sure that Intellivision was not a Nintendo console. " Nintendo Emulation & Games "
  16. ulaoulao

    Where did you get your online name from?

    a ghost town where I grew up. I tehinicly lived in a down called Ulao but not many people knew about it. There was a limit on the name length when I started here so I doubled it.
  17. ulaoulao

    Project 64 controller recognition issue

    what plugin, can you take a screen shot of the settings?
  18. ulaoulao

    o_O Magic Engine 1.1.3, you have got to be kidding.

    The point is not to emulate PC-FX or TG16, its to use the BEST emulator. Granted, if you make the BEST emulator I can see why you would want money, but the point here is you're charging for something that exploits company. I do not care how good it is, its not right to make money by stealing IP...
  19. ulaoulao

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Freeze

    I have this with Axiom verge recently. For me it's ever once in a while the emulator just slows way down. Like it pauses and then resumes. Runs ok for a bit and then repeats. Never had this before the 11th.