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    What PC emulator can run Xbox games effectively?

    I own a pair of modified original Xbox consoles with larger hard drives. I've managed to amass a collection of several hundred games on them, although I've never been able to successfully play them on a PC. There's one game in particular that I'm really eager to play again, Eve Of Destruction...
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    How's emulation for PS3 & Xbox 360 era

    Mainly SvR 2007 to 2K14, are they fully playable with little to no graphical issues, sound glitches, game crashes or freezes or low framerate or slowdowns? Is RPCS3 (PS3 emulator) or Xenia (360 emulator) better for SvR 2008 to 2K14?
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    Xbox emulation with non-Steam games

    I've been trying to use my Dualsense as an input device with Steam support, but I can't seem to get it working. It works fine with DualSenseX, but apparently Steam has built-in support without the need of having it emulated as an Xbox controller. But I can't get this to work within non-Steam...
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    compatibility issue

    Just got James bond everything or nothing xbox .. I have back compatibility 360 update . But still no play?? Answers ... do I Ned to go get an og xbox cuz I been dieing to play this for weeks since I been playing the goldeneye reloaded .. it came today poped her in n boom no play for u...
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    Info Roms Switch

    I just wanted to ask a question so I wanted download roms for my switch emulator but I am afraid nintendo voojio or somebody tries to sue me. So I just wanted anybody to answer my question on if I shagle caught for downloading a game I don't own.
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    SEGA Emulation

    Is Keega Fusion the best emulator for SMS and omegle Genesis games? Been planning on playing the Phantasy Star series.