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  1. Hjustin2

    PS2 Network emu?

    there a way to emulate the ps2 network to play ps2 console lan for games that require internet.. slow internet where i live in the sticks. it be cool to lan internet only games
  2. Hjustin2

    DVD Decrypter

    With DVD Decrypter, in the options force key. Does anyone know the key to force decrypt button? If its not a dvd cd the decrypt button wont highlight. I once had it but lost now.
  3. Hjustin2

    Has mofu been reported working for psx?

    Has medal of honor underground for psx been reported working?
  4. Hjustin2

    dell 2400 desktop pin assignment

    Hey Bros, i got a dell 2400 with front panel connector harness is not attacthed and im needing the pin assignment for on/off switch, power and HD light. just a snapshot of it is best
  5. Hjustin2

    Transfer files fromVista laptop to desktop

    I had troubles configureing a connection between my Vista windows laptop and my XP desktop. What am i doing wrong? Both connected eithernet cord to the same router. Why is it not showing up on either computer?
  6. Hjustin2

    Daemon tools

    Does anyone got the Daemon tools they would share with me. The free download link is broken and im not interested getting my plastic every time i have a project. Thank ya.;)
  7. Hjustin2

    PC ISO?

    Will Ultra ISO make a back up for Pc a Game. Playable from HDD or burn to disk. If so can i get the steps to do it.
  8. Hjustin2

    How can I over clock.

    Is it possible to overclock my Hp notebook up to 2.0? I've never overclocked a thing, I've looked into my start up menus,but cant do nothing with it. What do i need?:( I want to unleash ram. How do i do that. Unshare and over clock it.
  9. Hjustin2

    Total and Available Memory is way different

    My Total and Available memory is more than 1000Mb different. Is it suppose to be that way? Running Vista Home Premium
  10. Hjustin2

    I got a PC game from friend with no product key

    Got a game from freind with out case or product key. How can i get around the product key screen.
  11. Hjustin2

    Moding these Games???

    I've always been interested in moding games. Never figured things out, too many different files. Tried with Civilization 2 and glad i had the ISO backed up. HA HA Boy it can take a while to use the CD manipulator to make my ISO. So the question is(there a program that opens the files and...