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  1. Digital_Wolfv1

    Triggering 3D mode with SSF using ATI tray tools

    I've been having problems making ATT detect SSF 11. I've tried to setup ATT to detect 3D when SSF is running. Is there anyway to force this and if anyone's had any experience with this I'd appreciate the help
  2. Digital_Wolfv1

    Feasibility discussion of a GC emu on the Xbox

    Now i have researched this alot lately and alot of people say it's not really possible but i wanna get you alls take on a GC emulator for the Xbox. This PS2 emu for the Xbox make me wonder though even if it is real or not if the GC can be emulated on the Xbox or not. Xbox PS2 EMU
  3. Digital_Wolfv1

    Emulators on the N-Gage

    i know of an have the SMS and NES emulators but are there anymore and what ones are in development for the N-Gage.