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    Updates and Strong Speculations on Avengers 2 Villains

    As you all know Avengers 2 is set to start filming in February 2014 and is set to take place in India and South Africa. It serves as the sequel to the Avengers 2012 film and as the conclusion of MCU Phase 2. For the new recruits, Joss Whedon is adding both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, two...
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    Aldrich Killian is a Maniac, not a Mandarin

    People who are falling for the twist in Iron Man 3 on Aldrich Killian being the mandarin are idiots because Killian never wore rings, he is just a psycopathic villain of himself
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    Elodie Yung to play Wasp in Ant Man and Avengers 3

    With the casting rumors on Wasp continuing throughout the internet on who is fit to play the character. Some believe Wasp will be american, some believe she will be asian, but who would be the best choice for the character in both ways? It is none other than the actress Elodie Yung Elodie...