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  1. J

    Kingdom Hearts?

    Is there a PS2 emulator that plays it. I downloaded pcsx2 and haven't got it all configured yet. So, does anyone know if that plays KH or if there's another emulator that does? If this is againts rules, sorry, been a long while since I been here.
  2. J

    PCSX2 questions.

    I have 2 questions about it, can it run MegaMan X7 and does it support gamepads?
  3. J

    King Of Fighters 2k2

    I just downloaded it, took 3 hours so now I can't get it to work anyone know what emulator it will work on?
  4. J

    Turok 2 And Rage Wars

    I just downloaded Turok 2 and Rage Wars. I'm using PJ64 and it says that it needs to be verified by goodn64, I downloaded it and I don't really know how to use it on my Windows XP, can anyone help?