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    Computer Problem: x box 360 controler

    hello! just got snes8x+ and want to play whit my x box 360 controler... how do i do that..?? help please
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    Computer Problem: trying to get emulator to work

    hello! i suck... need help... downloaded DEmul w32 0.582 for sega emulator and i cant get it to work... it says unable to find jadajada in romset and such... i just downloaded the file and want to play games. what am i suposed to do?? i gues you have to put some file somewere to make it...
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    Spoilers Inside: looking for a game

    Hey! im looking for a game.. i playd the second one on xbox. its about a guy getting of a boot and you get to a harber. and you walk around and there are alot of things you can do. like buy toys from vending machines, arm wrestling for cash and get a job witch ultamy lets you get good at...
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    Emulator Problem: dont know how to get emulator to work

    Hey! i dowloaded DEmul w32 0.582 emulator and dont know how to get it to start.... it says unable to find mpr jadadadada dc.... what am i suposed to do?? its probably easy to fix but i know nothing about computers and would like to get some help... show me some skills here!