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    Retroarch 'fire' button issue solution?

    I have configured Retroarch with the PUAE Amiga core and a 'retropad' overlay. However, I am encountering an issue where touching 'up' on the directional pad simultaneously triggers a 'fire' button tap. This occurs in the trainer menu of the game 'Gods' and the main menu of 'Alien Breed.' Even...
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    How does Xbox emulation work?

    Sure! Emulation is a way of running software, such as games, on a system it wasn't originally designed for. In the case of playing an Xbox-exclusive game on a different platform, you would need to use an emulator that is specifically designed to emulate the Xbox's hardware and software...
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    Arcade stick: Game suggestions?

    I play skull girls and street fighter V mainly and I've wanted a fight stick for a while. I'd prefer for it to not cost too much, also if it's compatible with switch, xbox one and pc then that would be great. If anyone can point me in the right online 2yu direction then that would be greatly...
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    difference between the xbox and playstation

    Does anyone know if there is any difference between the xbox and playstation (xbox and xbox 360, ps2 and ps3) emulators in terms of reliability, ease of use, rom support, and things of that sort? There is a lot of overlap between the game libraries for these online 2yu systems so I would like to...
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    How to fix sound issue emulators?

    Please bear with me as I am new to this. I recently acquired a Retroflag emulator called NespiCase, which has a large collection of games. However, I have noticed that all the games have a sound problem where the audio is distorted and crackly, making it difficult for me to enjoy playing them...