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  1. jpcline004

    Is Kaillera dead?

    I had a guy asking about Kaillera on my forum so I was walking him through how to set it up but he kept having trouble connecting. I tried myself and I looked online and the main website is gone, the site that list server IP's is gone and the site for my local server is abandoned...
  2. jpcline004

    Daemon Tools has spyware

    This is like 2 years old so it might be old news to you all. I just found out, but I searched and didn't see it posted here. The newer releases of Daemon Tools apparently has some sort of adware or spyware built in. You use the old version, or if you need the latest version you can follow...
  3. jpcline004

    Sheng Long in Street Fighter IV!!!

    Holy crap its finally true, Capcom announced on their blog today that Sheng Long (Ryu and Ken's master) will finally be playable in SF IV! Read the full story here:
  4. jpcline004


    Hey my name is Jesse and my handle is jpcline004. I usually hang around RN but things are getting pretty out of date over there so I am looking for a new emulation board. Not sure what else to say but "hi!"