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  1. buggesy666

    Nintendo Wii

    i was lookin at and found that u can pre order games for the Nintendo Wii....... is this the revolution??
  2. buggesy666

    updated emulators

    is there any advancements to any DS emulators that makes games fully playable?? and is there any other emulators that can now work fully? (ive been away for sum time lol) thanks
  3. buggesy666

    a type of ebook thing!

    i was just wanderin is there a way to put books/storys on my mobile fone? i have a 3G fone so its the latest technology (LG U880)! u cud use some application or something? is there any software that will let me do this? any help? thanks
  4. buggesy666

    Yu-gi-oh GX

    i have played all or close to all the yu-gi-oh games out there an saw the new game GX (usin VBA) so i started playin it! it is quiet different then the rest because yugi him self is not in the game! ne way to my question! does ne one know were this game goes/lets/ends up?? i no u have to become...
  5. buggesy666

    help with disk space!

    i have almost filled my computers hard disk! i have a wireless home network from my room to my computer room! i would like to send some of my files to my other computer. How would i do this? i have a speed touch wireless network! any help?
  6. buggesy666

    XP home - screen saver password

    i have XP home edition and was wandering how i can lock my computer so when it goes onto the screen saver you have to put in ur password to get back onto your desktop? any help
  7. buggesy666

    Help with fone

    i was wandering if any 1 knows of away to add text files (short stories) to my mobile phone?? i use a usb cable to upload mp3s and 3gp/mp4 is there away to upload text??? i use PC suite tool
  8. buggesy666

    xp safe mode

    how do u start xp in safe mode???
  9. buggesy666

    picture for a sig?

    how 2 put a picture as ur signature??? i have a picture i want to put as my sig its 200 x 170???
  10. buggesy666

    xvid ac3

    i cnt play this file type with windows media player, real player or quick time any help
  11. buggesy666

    help with this saying

    "i shall walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil" i have looked on google and ask but found nothing??? i want o know were it comes from? (think its the bible?) "i shall walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil...because im the meanest mutha fucka in...
  12. buggesy666

    Game wanted!!!

    I am lookin for a game to play (prefer GBA or N64) im not askin for the rom but the title! i wanna play something like pokemon or a good rpg! any good game/s thanks ben
  13. buggesy666

    saving on p64

    how can i save my game on P64 i clicked the save button put how can i load the game? were does it safe to??
  14. buggesy666

    ps2 controller for P64

    i use my ps2 controller for mario kart on the vba and wanted to play mart kart 64 with it aswell but im having trouble configuring it with P64?
  15. buggesy666

    DS wi-fi etc

    i have a DS and was wanderin about the WI-FI i dont know much apart from you can play games with people near u? wat else can u do? i think there is a download feature aswell???
  16. buggesy666


    i was just wandering are there any improvements when it comes to the DS emulators i no there was an update to 1 of them but are they any were near completion?
  17. buggesy666

    family motto

    "regi patrique fidelis" it think it irish any one know of an online translator to change it to english? i was hoping to get it on a tattoo but need to know what it means first :confused:
  18. buggesy666

    swap magic DVD

    i hav a swap magic disk 2.0 DVD EUR but it doesnt work prob cause of all the marks on the disk!! i seen u can DL it in .iso form but i was wanderin wat size it would be?
  19. buggesy666

    PC hardware

    i just got a new computer! and i no most of the specs but was wanderin how to find out the type of graphics card a have? i went to the properties of My computer but it didnt tell me?
  20. buggesy666


    hey guys im just asking what ur fav film of all genre and all time is?