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  1. PhatPlaya

    Good deal?

    Do u think i got a good deal here? I got it for $57 (NZ) Looks like its in good condition havnt got it yet, plus its got a Mad Catz expansion pak in the pic.
  2. PhatPlaya

    Some N64 console questions

    Im planning on buying a second-hand N64 online so I can play Zelda: OOT (I LOVE THAT GAME) :D Yea i know i could just play it on Project 64 but it doesnt feel the same and besides i usually only get on the console when im not doing something important on here. So to get to the point i just...
  3. PhatPlaya

    Sonic: Best and Worst?

    The best, I cant decide between Sonic 2 or Sonic & Knuckles. Those are the 2 games I used to play all the time after I got a Mega Drive II for my 4th (maybe 5th) birthday. So im into those nowdays coz it brings bak good memories :p The worst.. mmm I'd have to say Sonic Spinball.. I just rlly...
  4. PhatPlaya

    Allow me to REintroduce myself

    Hey hey waddup every1??! Duno if any1 remembers me but i used 2 post here alot and bla bla but then i jus kinda got bored wit the whole emulator thing. BUT im bak into it now and playing old skool games again :D so i decided 2 come bak here cos i know it well (plus i like my post count hahah)...
  5. PhatPlaya


    Does any one know of a good site for seamless textures or a program for creating them? I need a background for my new banner..
  6. PhatPlaya

    Top 10 PC-Engine games?

    I just wanna know the top 10 games, exclusive to the PCE that I should have. Lists plzz.. :)
  7. PhatPlaya

    Virtua Cop 2 on Chankast

    Ok, so I've mounted 'Virtua Cop 2.cdi' using Daemon Tools and configured the virtual drive. I've also downloaded and unzipped the Bios, the Chankast folder is setup like this: But when I try to Start the game from the Run menu, it treats it as an Audio CD and I get this screen: Does...
  8. PhatPlaya

    Chankast download?

    Whenever I download 'ChankastAlpha025.rar' from the Dreamcast section, its empty! Can anyone tell me where I can get a working .rar, or how to fix the problem? :(
  9. PhatPlaya

    All-In-One music player?

    Does anyone know if there's a such thing? I'm looking for a program that has support for all the sound files saved by emulators (or at least the main ones). So I'm not switching between programs each time I wanna listen to something else. I tried Googling it with alot of different search...
  10. PhatPlaya

    MAME controls

    Is there ANY way to set custom keyboard controls for MAME? Its annoying for Player 2 having to use R, D, F, G .. :mad:
  11. PhatPlaya

    Creating ISO

    Im renting Doom 3: Collector's Edition on Xbox for a couple days. I wanna know if I can create an ISO from the disc (no matter how illegal it is) so I can keep it to play on an emulator when its finally playable .. If it is possible, what program do I use and will it damage the original disc at...
  12. PhatPlaya

    MAME problem

    Arcade Emu's hate me!!! :( Just a few minutes ago i discovered that I only had MAME32 0.94 (I like keeping up to date). So I went and downloaded MAME32 0.95, and I put all my roms into the new rom folder .. I ran an audit on all games and they passed, but now when i try to play them nothing...
  13. PhatPlaya

    ZiNc =(

    ok, the game im trying to play is Street Fighter EX Plus (US 970407) - (sfexp) It seems i have everything configured properly, and i can run the game. .. BUT .. when i play there is no sound, and the game does 26FPS at the most. When i audited my romsets it came up with this "BOIS:coh-1000c.353...
  14. PhatPlaya

    "No WGL extensions!"

    This mightve been asked before, but since i dont feel like searching through old threads .. I had some spare time so i decided to try out ePSXe. I got all the BIOs, plugins, bla bla .. Im tryin to play games straight from the disc, I've tried about 6 games and they all come up with the same...
  15. PhatPlaya

    Zelda games ..

    On 'The Ocarina of Time' and 'Majora's Mask' is there any way to get the text on the HUD to return to white, I was just wondering cuz its annoying not being able to read it.
  16. PhatPlaya

    OMG He's Here!!

    *clears throat* .. OK, I'd like to begin by asking for some Xbox ROMs .. :joke: .. Whuttup peoplez! :confused:
  17. PhatPlaya

    Impact help?

    Wussup Emu Zone. I just found some Impact roms but dunno wut emulator to run them on. Any suggestions? :(