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  1. Corey4666

    Linux steam support.

    How many of you here use Linux and Steam games? I used to use Linux heavily back in 2006-2009 but it was for my laptop only. No gaming on that machine. Also PlayOnLinux looks to be doing very well also. I was considering switching from Windows 8.1 to Debian Sid. Except for I don't know if...
  2. Corey4666

    RE outbreak back online.

    It's been years since I posted here, I wanted to let any resident evil outbreak file 1 & 2 players from back in 2004-2006 ish on the capcom servers. Know that the servers are back online and working. They are hosted on a private server. You can use, the actual pstwo, ps2 and hdd supported...
  3. Corey4666

    Game Problem: Need save file! Desperate! (FF8)

    Okay to make a long story short, I wanna play FF8. But it freezes up on all 3 consoles on disc 1 intro scene. I tried to skip it, I tried everything spent many hours trying to fix it. Anyways I want to play it on ePSXe now! and it skips in the intro movie still! So i downloaded a save states...
  4. Corey4666


    whats up with emulator zone when u google it spelled like "emulator zone" exactly on the 3rd result down it shows a page named "eMulatorzOne.cOm" and when u go in its not the same site :confused:
  5. Corey4666

    file host better than rapidshare

    i found a file host that can hold up to 25 gigs and its free
  6. Corey4666

    questions [been gone for a while]

    i have some questions does the xbox or gamecube, ps2 emulator have they made any progess as in do they run any better yet? also psp and ds emulators im guessing they dont work very well?
  7. Corey4666


    i found a nice FREE firewall and its not a trial either so its totally free i been using it for a few days now and it works very good like norton firewall it tells you when anything happens on your computer and its easy to use thats the link another good site to...
  8. Corey4666

    new xbox games

    Does anyone notice that the new xbox games cant be burned onto the xbox hd cuz when you boot it up it says play from disc
  9. Corey4666

    Mame32 Guide

    -=(MAME GUIDE)=- !RULES! Step 1: Get "MAME32 Kaillera edition 0.67" >>CLICK ME<< Then Install It Step 2: Get Mame Roms (Use IRC Or p2p Or Google) Dont Ask For Roms, READ RULES! Step 3: Get Mame Bios (Use IRC p2p or google) Dont Ask For Bios, Read Rules. Step 4: Put Roms And Bios In...
  10. Corey4666

    psp help pls

    I got an emulator FOR the psp, and when i put the emulators on the psp and run the emulator, it say's an error "The Game Could Not Be Started (80020001)." The same thing happens with all the Emulators; I read the Emulator tutorials and they don't work. I don't have the Roms Zipped either, and I...
  11. Corey4666

    great file host

    i found a kick ass host for files free file host 500mb of space No File Size Limit! Unlimited Bandwidth!! upload multiple files only 1 bad thing about it you can only make 1 account or they delete your old one but its the best file hoser i used
  12. Corey4666

    I Made A Keygen

    i made a keygen with a friend heres a picture, it dont show the serials i painted the serials out me and my buddy used, Bloodshed Dev-C++ took about 1 hour
  13. Corey4666


    i have a game and i want to make it into a iso for my xbox emulator but i went to make iso with iso producer and iso producer never will open i get a send error report so how else do u make and iso of a ps1 game?
  14. Corey4666

    internet probs

    i reinstalled windows on the laptop and reinstalled the wireless internet adaptor and i went into set up wireless internet connection on the home computer and it asked for a floppy and wrote files to it and then i installed them on laptop then laptop said it was connected to internet... at a...
  15. Corey4666


    when i joined this site there was no introduction forum so..... i jus wanted say hi people of emu zone X_X
  16. Corey4666


    i found a site showing how to mod roms and when i use nesticle nes emu to see the color pallettes with the f4 option i get a problem i cant get any roms to boot up on the emulator the screen jus stays black...
  17. Corey4666

    spelling mistake

    theres a spelling mistake on the ps2 emu thing i dunno if anyone cares but Shadow, one of the PCSX2 developers, has posted some screenshots of PCSX2 running --->Final fantacy X<--- in game. ^
  18. Corey4666

    downloads host

    i got some files that i need hosted and for free i used to use yahoo breifcase and i dont like it.. friends try to download from it and it wouldent work does any1 here know a FREE hoster for files? i dont need alot of space for my files either....
  19. Corey4666

    Xbox FTP

    i keep trying to send stuff to my xbox with FTP, i usally use FileZilla Or Internet Explorer to send stuff on my xbox but with internet explorer when i start to transfer files it keeps asking for a password and i put it in and it ask agian and agian so i jus use filezilla and filezilla keeps...
  20. Corey4666


    i wish they where free....... ohh and sorry for the spam everyone >_<