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  1. CalinCool

    Can I run all Emulators that are on this site?

    I think yes but with small lags Windows 7 Ultimate x86 // Windows XP Pro x86 (Dual Boot) Intel Core2Duo E8400 3GHz (Overclock'd to 3.6 GHz^^) 3.5GB usable out of 4GB RAM nVidia GT430 1024MB DX11 and DX9 on XP. So...?
  2. CalinCool

    Post your youtube account and 2nd channel
  3. CalinCool

    Minecraft !

    Hey, all i guess every one of you has heard about minecraft. I searched "Minecraft" on forum but i didnt found anything so i maked a theard to post your minecraft creations and other things. Have Fun!
  4. CalinCool


    Hi all, when i try to connect from Desmume to internet, it dont detect my router. why? helllppp!
  5. CalinCool

    Emulator Problem: Dolphin problem

    I setup my controls (WITH GAMEPAD NO KBOARD) but in game the up/down buttons dont work. Help?
  6. CalinCool

    PCSP Help!

    Hi all, my psp battery is dead so i use pcsp and when i try to open it i got this bug: (emulator, not game)
  7. CalinCool

    Emulator Problem: Pcsx2 problem

    when i open ANY game on pcsx2 i must select my language but nothing happens when i try to select one. why?
  8. CalinCool

    Where did u find emu zone?

    i was searching wwe12 pc edition on yt, and i found a link to dolphin on this site. Anyway, i have see "forum" button tarting in may, no march...
  9. CalinCool


    A great thing would be to add bios on pcsx2 and epsxe.
  10. CalinCool

    Emulator Problem: PCSX2 Speed-Up!

    I downloaded PCSX2, but after about 5h of playng(with pauses) in every game it's speeding up and i can't understand nothing or play games. Why?
  11. CalinCool

    ps vita and 3ds.

    Quick question: Why on consoles list on home page there are not psv and 3ds? You should add them.
  12. CalinCool

    Hi all!!!

    Hi all! Short presentation: Age: 12 Owned consoles: psp favorite emus: dolphin and pcsx2. Have fun!
  13. CalinCool

    PS Vita Emu?

    Hi all, Im looking for a psv emulator but i dont find any1. is there an one? if yes where can i get it? Regards!
  14. CalinCool

    Emulator Problem: Dolphin Sound problem

    (I know i posted in an other theard that my pc can't emulate some consoles but i upgraded it) Hi all, I've played WWE 12 on dolphin emu... I have sound on game intro but after the sound stops.... I tried to open the game again, again and again... but still the same problem.... Help plz! :)
  15. CalinCool

    Emulators for my pc

    Hey all, sorry for my bad english. I'm looking to a emulator who works on my pc. I want ps1, ps2, psp and wii emulators. So, here is my Pc performance: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Version 2002 AMD Sempron(tm) 2300+ 1.59 GHz 1.25 GB of RAM What i sholud download?