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  1. testmachine

    Emuzone forums still going strong

    Whoa, haven't logged in for almost 4 years. Not sure if anyone remembers me. Good to see that the community is alive and well. Hoping you all are having a wonderful day
  2. testmachine


    Hey everyone. You all know that recently I've been quite in-active. The reason behind this is a new job. It's occupying me too much to check in daily here. My point being that I might not be active for a long time. But, I'll still check in from time to time. Still haven't lost my interest in...
  3. testmachine

    DeSmuMe 0.9.9

    I just noticed that this was released quite some time ago! It's reportedly faster than no$gba now.
  4. testmachine

    My first chiptune project!

    Hey guys,I've been out for a while.I was working on a chiptune on Linux Multimedia Studio and this is the result: Direct download Enjoy! Note:Please do not re use without my permission!This tune has been made solely by...
  5. testmachine

    A tip.

    Here's something all newbies to emulation ask: Q:Does an actual Xbox360 emulator exist? A:No,currently there aren't any actual Xbox360 emulators.But I've heard from an anonymous source that a Xbox360 emulator is in development,but I think that the source cannot be trusted,as I found it on 4chan...
  6. testmachine

    [Up-To-Date]ePSXe Setup Tutorial

    This is an up-to-date guide of how to set up ePSXe version 1.80.Please note that you can set up all versions using my guide. 1:download ePSXe from here: (This package includes stock ePSXe p.e.o.p.s and pete's plugins) 2:Extract the "" archive...
  7. testmachine


    Okay guys (and girls?) i'm 100% sure that you heard of the M.U.G.E.N fighting engine,or simply called MUGEN.It's a freeware fighting engine to bring you commercial quality 2D games. I've played some mugen games like: Street figter vs. Mortal Kombat: A crossover between your favorite Street...
  8. testmachine

    What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?

    Okay first of all i'm not claiming that a zombie apocalyse will happen,but what would you do IF it happened? My Plan: I would find my best friends (Because they would know how to survive).There are many friends but only some of them are alive. :) I would start looking for weapons first.An axe...
  9. testmachine

    Performance or Quality in gaming?

    I was wondering if you guys prefer performance or quality in regular pc games like: Call Of Duty series Battlefield Series The Elder Scrolls series and other graphics needing games. well for me. I prefer performance,even if i have a computer that can run these games on high quality combined with...
  10. testmachine

    ePSXe 1.80 Finally released

    Okay guys.It's finally released. ePSXe coders have released the 1.80 version of the best playstation emulator. go to the official website and download the latest ePSXe: Official ePSXe Website Direct download link: Download ePSXe 1.80 now List of changes: -Many fixes to the cd-rom decoder and...
  11. testmachine

    Proper Introduction!

    I just realized that i haven't made a proper introduction.Okay here goes! Hey,my name is Kristian.I decided to join this site because i like to help people about their emulation problems.My avatar is designed on photoshop using various brushes and glow effects.The reason i took the name...
  12. testmachine

    Pcsx2 1.0.0 released!

    Hey guys i just noticed that a newer version was released: Windows Download: -Download Site- For Linux and Mac head -Head Here-
  13. testmachine

    PCSX 2 Update!

    Hey Guys.I was just on PCSX2 official website and noticed that it has been updated (Lefteris_D Sorry if you already posted the updated package) You can download the Updated emu below: Windows: Binary (7z) :HERE Standalone installer: HERE All OS Binary and Installers can be found :HERE List of...
  14. testmachine

    Your favorite Indie Game?

    Sooo what is your favourite indie game? My favorites: Super Meat Boy The Binding Of Isaac Project Zomboid Terraria Spelunky Minecraft Clonk Rage Gun Girl 2 Etc.
  15. testmachine

    Survival Crisis Z

    Hey guys. I just found a amazing game.It's Called Survival Crisis Z.It's a Survival Horror/Adventure with RPG elements.Played for several hours now and the game is just plain awesome: System Requirements: Pentium 3 800 mhz or Amd Athlon + 1000 mhz equivalent Nvidia Or Ati graphics with DirectX...
  16. testmachine

    Emulators on Android,iOS,Symbian

    Hey guys i was just wondering which emulators you own on your mobile phone: My cellphone is Nokia E5-00 with Symbian OS 9.3,and a 600 Mhz cpu with 256 MB of ram (s60v3) and i currently have the following emulators: Vnes (Nintendo emulator) Vsun (Super Nintendo emulator) VbagX (Gameboy advance...
  17. testmachine

    Nintendo 3DS emulator!

    Ok.To be honest.This Thread has no link to a Nintendo 3DS emulator because the emulator doesn't exist!! 1:The Nintendo is a relatively new handheld console,and we should support them by buying one. 2.We won't see a emulator until the Nintendo 3DS stops selling,and then we will maybe have acces...
  18. testmachine

    XBOX 360 Emulator!

    Hey. sorry to disappoint. This is not going to happen for a few years. Most Everyone knows that the XBOX 360 console is powerfull as the PS3. 1:The console can't be emulated because it's more like a modified pc. 2.Even if it's possible to emulate the XBOX 360.Our computers are not powerful...
  19. testmachine

    No$Sns released!!!

    This is a freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator from the author of No$Gba Martin Korth.Indicating that he is back,he may as well update no$gba (I'M NOT SURE ABOUT THAT). The emulator is freeware and can be downloaded here: Just that you know: You...
  20. testmachine

    What PC game are you playing now?

    Currently I'm playing Limbo: A indie platformer game. Call Of Duty MW3: FPS Battlefield 3: FPS Heroes Of Might And Magic VI: Strategy RPG.