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  1. donkeyknob

    File Hosting

    ok, for those of you who have good shit but nowhere to upload it, heres a list: use this for pictures use this for audio, but you need to register an account use this for whatever big arse files you have Or Host Your Files In My...
  2. donkeyknob


    whats the deal with the NHL? why was it abandonded, what was the solution to revive the competition, and how has it affected the sport?
  3. donkeyknob

    emulating conker's bad fur day

    so i am about to emulate CBFD. any advice on the settings i should use? last time i ran the game, it didnt load up the speech bubbles and didnt texture the skins properly. but it was amusing to see a super saiyan conker.....
  4. donkeyknob

    just bought a laptop

    i just bought a laptop, and am quite satisfied with it. however, im after some good software to load onto it. dont bother asking me what i want, as im not entirely sure and wont rule out anything, so list any nifty programs you find useful whether they be free or not
  5. donkeyknob

    how do you deal with anger?

    what is your strategy for dealing with situations that make you want to punch anyone in the face? i am rather primitive- i prettymuch react violently. and it doesnt take much to set me off. i threw a sizeable chunk of timber across the workshop because it didnt fit and i had to go through an...
  6. donkeyknob

    Guess What I'm Getting Pierced

    seeing as games threads are the whole new rage (seriously, theres e-fucking-nough) i decided to make a totally original game up. its called guess what im getting pierced. its simple: 1. you post what you think im getting pierced 2. first one to guess right wins! actually, that last part is a...
  7. donkeyknob

    extracting msn smileys

    ok, someone showed me this nifty little animated smiley on msn the other night. i rick clicked and added this smiley to my list, but now i want this smiley as a .gif image. anyone have any idea on how to get it?
  8. donkeyknob

    How Much $US Are You Worth?

    Sell Yourself You are worth exactly $1,899,050.00
  9. donkeyknob


    didn't anybody do PE in school?
  10. donkeyknob

    Next-Nex-Gen Consoles

    Where do they go from here? if the producers put enough effort into a game they can create AWESOME graphics, so why the hell do we need a playstation 3 with 4 cell processors? (that is the current rumour) My question to you all is, where do you think technology can take the games? The xbox is...
  11. donkeyknob

    Earning A Crust

    how do you guys bring the bread in? I work in a furniture factory producing bookcases, desks, workstations, file drawers, etc... and i operate a huge million dollar machine and im only a first year apprentice :) its sweet. i have to get up at 5 to travel to work, start at 7, finish at 3:30, and...
  12. donkeyknob

    eXeem vs. Shareaza

    while attempting to find some adam sandler movie files/torrents i stumbled across another new p2p, exeem, which is rather impressive. its rather sweet, but its file database current reads: 23500 users, 12976 files, 4.82 tb (approx) on the network. i cant find the files im looking for, but when i...
  13. donkeyknob

    Identify the video clip

    do you know the title of the song that had the film clip involving some chick walking around, but sometimes the screen would like split so there were 7 side-by-side images of her and her environment? i think it was their 1997 hit
  14. donkeyknob

    XB-Connect does anyone use this software with their system-link games? if so, what are your tags, and who wants to game? post all details pertaining to xbconnect here! I'm Donkey Shlong and i don't get around publicly very often though. In a few days i'm having a xLAN party and wouldn't...
  15. donkeyknob

    Configure You Xbox Emulator Here!

    First things first, this is a comprehensive guide to suckessfull Xbox emulation. Please read it all as it contains lots of terminology which you will need to know. Section One: How To OK, you will need to download an emulator. I assume you have one already? good. To use it, you CAN NOT put...
  16. donkeyknob

    Friday Nights

    OK, saturday nights are notorious for being party nights (just as wednesday is too, thursday night is late night shopping) but what about your fridays? do you still go out? do you relax? is there anything you wish to do? my fridays being at 1:00pm. i finish work, and embark on my 50 minute...
  17. donkeyknob

    midi files

    does anyone have a site which has musical midi files or sound effects? ie a gun shot, wolf-whistle etc... if you have any could you email them to me:
  18. donkeyknob

    This Is Better Then My Driving Test

    pimpin, bitch! start playin! buy drugs, weapons, and pimp hos! then roll some cunt for his shit! note: if any of yas role me ill personally kick your ass
  19. donkeyknob

    Are You Safe

    Drivers test have a go at this. if you get past parallel parking you've done well
  20. donkeyknob

    Shit Yeah!

    i just completed my last day of year 10... i got my formal tonite and graduation tomorrow nite!!! FUCK YEAH! cant wait for afterparty, gonna get piss drunk and wont remember shit just needed to vent NO MORE SCHOOL! SHIT YEAH MOTHER FUCKER!