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  1. The Hedgehog

    ePSXe problem

    I missed playing Final Fantasy 7 so I decided to check it out again. My playstation is screwed, so instead I got ePSXe and played it there. Everything's going perfectly fine, but for some reason the game is going twice the normal speed, and I have no idea how to slow it down. BIOS: scph7502.bin...
  2. The Hedgehog

    Merging Avi Files

    I need some help from you. I have RoTK on my PC, but it's divided into two. One is 500mbg, the other 800mgb. As the title explains, I need a program that can merge both files into one. Any and all help appreciated.
  3. The Hedgehog

    Google Fun

    Go to google, type Miserable Failure, and hit I'm Feeling Lucky. To make this thread even gayer, post other "secret" tricks you find in Google. Other: Type French Military Victories, and hit I'm Feeling Lucky. Type Weapons of Mass Destruction, and hit I'm feeling Lucky...
  4. The Hedgehog

    Holy Fucking Shit

    So I'm guessing that most people haven't even heard of this excellent, free MMORPG. This game is so fucking awesome, I cold play it for days nonstop. Jesus fucking christ, I've never played a game this fucking good.