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    Our top old console games

    You're right, this is a great nostalgia trip! Forget consoles, let's reminisce about timeless classics: The Legend of Zelda (NES): A timeless adventure with exploration & discovery at its core. Metroid (NES): Non-linear exploration & hidden secrets make this a constant surprise. Tetris (Game...
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    Our top old console games

    That's awesome! NES definitely had some timeless classics. This time around, let's focus on games that hold up even today, any console or handheld is welcome! Maybe we can rediscover some childhood gems alongside finding new favorites. I never had anything but a Pegasus either, but Mario and...
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    Retroarch 'fire' button issue solution?

    Uh oh, sounds like button ghosting on your RetroArch overlay! Check your overlay settings for touch sensitivity or dead zones. Adjusting these might eliminate accidental triggers. Review PUAE core options for "joystick port emulation" (e.g., Amiga joystick vs. CD32 pad). Switching might resolve...
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    Why is Genesis emulation choppy?

    What could be causing the choppy video and poor performance in Genesis emulators like Gens, Kega, and others on my desktop PC with the following specs: i5 3570k, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 240GB Kingston SSD, GTX 1070, running Windows 10? Despite reinstalling video card drivers and benchmarking showing...
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    Nintendo 2DS SD card issue?

    Experiencing issues with Nintendo 2DS recognizing Nintendo 3DS SD cards, particularly with Pokemon Moon. Seeking insights on a potential solution. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
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    Potatoe Laptop Emulation Help

    Emulators for your potato laptop Here are some emulators that I recommend for your potato laptop: Dreamcast: Reicast is a free and open-source emulator that is known for its good performance and compatibility. It is also relatively lightweight, so it should run well on your laptop. PS2: PCSX2...
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    Libreboot bios and uefi alternative

    Yes, Libreboot is a free and open-source boot firmware project that replaces the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware on many computers. It is based on coreboot, which is a low-level firmware that initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for the operating system. Libreboot is supported by many...
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    What plagues my modified Ender?

    Navigating the enigma of a modified Ender 3: Equipped with a BL touch and Sprite direct drive extruder, it flawlessly prints smaller models. However, when attempting longer prints, an unexplained chat single beep randomly triggers a printer restart, devoid of error codes. Despite...