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  1. AnAutisticDog

    Forum Nazi

    I havent been here in a long time and I just wanted to say this. This site might have been a little more popular if Zach wasn't a Forum Nazi Cunt. Thats it, Good bye everyone. P.S. Zach, enjoy your cancer.
  2. AnAutisticDog

    Overclocking GPU

    I have an BFG Geforce 8800gt and I just started to overclock it.I know that if there is any instability or screen glitches then I have OCed too much, but I need to know if there is a way to OC too much without noticing any glitches or instability. I am using EVGA Precision to Overclock. These...
  3. AnAutisticDog

    Help with CPU Fan Speed

    I bought a Thermaltake CPU fan/heatsink and when I installed it I noticed that the fan was spinning very slow. I used speedfan and Everest to check the speeds. It was spinning at about 500rpms at all time, even under full load and when the CPU hit 70*c. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I...
  4. AnAutisticDog

    Emulator Problem: Help with Dolphin and pcsx2

    I was just wondering what the best configuration is for Dolphin.I want to get the max performance as possible. I get about 25-30 FPS in Resident Evil 1. I used to get 25-35 FPS in Mario Sunshine, but now I get like 15 I dont know why. Also, Instead of me making another thread I thought I would...
  5. AnAutisticDog

    Downgrade from Vista

    Hey everyone, sorry Ive been gone. The screen on my laptop so I had to buy a new one and I was kinda of short on cash. The laptop that I bought came with Vista on it and I want to downgrade to XP, but on the manufacturers sit there is not any drivers for XP. Basically Im looking for a version...
  6. AnAutisticDog

    Doom 3 mods

    Im gonna be playing Doom 3 again on the PC. I first played it on the xbox, but someone told me that they cut a lot out of it. So i want to play it on pc. I was wondering if someone give me a link to a mod pack full of MUST HAVE mods. I already have a flashlight mod, but other than that I do not...
  7. AnAutisticDog

    How fast can you Spank the Monkey?

    Well, after a few minutes of going back and forth as fast as I can. My hand and arm started to get really tired, but I do not let pain ruin my enjoyment. After many many strokes I finally reached my peak speed of 411 miles per hour. How fast are You?
  8. AnAutisticDog

    Convert HD .mkv

    I have some HD movies that I want to watch on my new tv, but the only thing I have to play them is my Xbox 360. Unfortunately the 360 does not support .MKVs. So I need a Video converter to convert the .MKVs into .avi .wmv or .mp4 , But I dont want to loose the HD quality. Can someone...
  9. AnAutisticDog

    Re-Install XP

    I have been wanting to try out TinyXp for a while [I don't Know why], and I was needing to know if there is a way for me to install it but keep all my files and setting intact. I know I can dual boot it, but I dont really have the Harddrive space for that. It does not have the XP upgrade...
  10. AnAutisticDog

    Computer Problem: Blue Screen

    I have been getting a blue Screen then instantly my computer shuts off. I have tried deleting all my temporary Files, it worked for a couple days, but now its doing it again. Anyone know how to fix this? This is the error report.
  11. AnAutisticDog

    Good and Easy .Gif maker

    I was just wanting a good, easy to use .Gif maker. Anyone have any Suggestions?
  12. AnAutisticDog

    Emulator Problem: Cant Save Game

    Ive been wanting to play Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, but I cant save my game at all. I am using NullDC. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. AnAutisticDog

    Play ROms on Official SNES

    I want to buy a SNES and I need to know if there is an easy way to play Roms on the Actual system. I found a Cartridge for the NES that allows you to put roms on it then play it in the NES, but I cant find one for the SNES. If anyone can help me out, it will be greatly appreciated. EDIT...
  14. AnAutisticDog

    New MotherBoard

    My Friend is wanting to build a PC, but he doesnt know what kind of motherboard he needs. He said he wants to be able to install 6+ gigs of ram. that is all I know. Can someone recommend something?
  15. AnAutisticDog

    Router Firmware

    I have been having problems with the default firmware on my Linksys router, mainly problems with Port Forwarding. Can anyone recommended a good Alternate Firmware? I heard of DDWRT, ,but I cant find it for my router. I have a WRT54GS v7.2 It just seems like my router and Utorrent just dont...
  16. AnAutisticDog

    Remove Stuff

    I finally fixed my laptop by backing up all my stuff the formatting my hard drive. I did a fresh install of a legit copy of XP and now I want to remove some unnecessary processes. I just want to make my Laptop go as fast as it can. Can anyone tell me what I can remove. Here is what I have...
  17. AnAutisticDog

    Computer Problem: Computer Just Freezes

    A couple days ago my Firefox started messing up in a weird way, I could not search Google or Yahoo. I didnt think it was that bad, I did a virus scan, an adware scan an a spyware scan......nothing came up. So now when ever I boot up my computer everything seems normal, but no matter what I do...
  18. AnAutisticDog


    Just Post some of your favorite pictures of "FAIL" 1 2 3 4 5
  19. AnAutisticDog

    Good Anti-Virus

    Im looking for a good Anti-Virus that uses very little resources. Can anyone recommend one?
  20. AnAutisticDog

    Terrible internet speeds

    I have Charter Internet [which is cable internet] and all day today I have been having terrible speeds. Ive tried unplugging both my Router and Modem, tried just connecting directly to my modem; nothing works. Anyone know how I can fix this? I pay for 5meg download. this is what im getting