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    for the no$gba users a handy tool: Links are not included, get them from the source:

    Smackdown VS Raw 2009.

    Hi guys, at first, i guess im back and i hope i wont be leaving this time soon. Secondly, i got sdvsraw (smackdown vs raw) 2009 as i liked 2008 and wanted to see what it looked like. So i got the rom and went playing everything went fine. So i went to create a superstar and stuff, still no...

    your legal roms!

    i was wondering if anyone had legal rom site's. this contains homebrews site's wich don't have any copyright infrigment material. as a lot of people think al roms ar illegal, and im always searching for alternative's i was wondering if anyone knew a good site. here's one to start of...


    as rasterbating is mostly done by oldskool gamers, i was wondering if there where some people who were rasterbating, and have the possibilety to show some pictures of it (soon il make some pics myself:D).... for the people who don't know what rasterbating is let me explain: rasterbation is...

    overclocking toturial.

    does anyone has some experience with overclocking, i want to try it, but because i don't wan't to mess up my computer, i thought maybe you guys could help me... any help appricieated.... for people who don't know what overclocking is, it is letting your video card run as a higher one, but it can...

    ePSXe not fullscreen

    is there a possibility to play epsxe but not fullscreen?:happy:

    idea: emu legend of the year award!

    on 22-2-09 {dont know why that date but ok...} i will reach out a few awards {with votes from the community} the catogories are: best newbie 08: most active forum user 08: kindest person 08: the ''i know it all'' award 08: (ment in a positive way, not in the way of a smart**s and last, but...

    all working stella games!

    by me tested all working stella games, amazing lot of work 3d tic-tac-toe - works perfect acid drop (PAL) - works perfect ation force (PAL) - works perfect adventures on GX-12 (PAL) - works perfect adventures of tron - works perfect adventure - works perfect air raiders - works perfect...

    best emulator of 2008

    vote for your favorite emulator of the last year here. sorry i couldn't post more then 10 options max.

    Project gba2600.

    ok so there has been a question about if there is an atari 2600 emu for the gba. the answer is no.... so lets make one!:happy: {thats what i thought} however, i dunno anything about making an emu, and proberly neither do you. but that doesnt matter we have the time, so what i need is. 15-20...

    THANAMELESS'S guess the gaming sound!!

    my own thought show guess the gaming sound is coming to emu-zone!!!!! i will record a very short {0,2 to 30 seconds} and ill upload it for download and live listening. some extra rules: * keep it on topic * every week there will be a new one posted in this topic, dont discuss about ones in the...

    Game Problem: banjo kazooie n64

    i'am having a lot of problems with banjo kazooie on the pj64, it lags a lot, doesn't really matter wich of the plugins{wich i have} i use. so does anyone know the solution of this? i need it a lot because someone requested it to me for doing a few vids. this might be posted earlyer. but i...

    Emulator Problem: ePSXe error.

    after a while of no psx emulating for me i wan't to start again with psx emulating. so i downloaded epsxe 1.7.0 I clicked the .exe, it can't run it because it can't find zlib1.ddl, what happend?


    i still don't know how to delete a post.

    your screensaver

    post here your personal screensaver -can be created by you or be your theme-


    now as this topic is also for suggestions i had a few.-don't worry i am still exicted about the site:p:happy:- but is it possible to -if people are intrested- make a recording topic, because emulators are a lot used for recording and a lot of people allso have questions for that:o. and is it...

    yoshi's story graphics solution.

    again a game with some problems, but this time on the graphical area. when you run the game graphics lag when it is trying to scroll. so this is what you have to do: options=> settings=> video configuration => Jabo's3D6 1.5.2 {some people may have this as default} control tip: keep it as it is

    The World is Not Enough (N64) sound solution.

    a lot of people (not here but ok) have been asking me wath the solution of thr 007- the world is not enough is. i don't know if its also with other emulators but with project 64 the sound was bad and after a while it go'd off. so after some testing this is the setting you should have-i have the...

    working ePSXe games

    here is a list with working - and not working - ePSXe games. BTW: i don't take credits for the list, i only take credits for editing, but i am not supposed to place links here. - '99 Koshien (NTSC-J): Works perfect. - 007 Racing (NTSC-U): Works perfect. - 007 Tomorrow never dies (NTSC-U)...


    now, untill today i could solve al my emulation problems with changing save types and savestates. but now i have a rom wich won't work {although other people say it does work with save types} i needed to use a patch. however i don't know anything about patches. So if somebody could give a clear...