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  1. Tidus_Flame

    The Script!

    I still need ideas. Your critisism is welcome as well. But nothing stupid (e.g. an alien should rip open your flesh and pull out your digestive tract) for that critisism I DO NOT need. Thank you.
  2. Tidus_Flame


    man i went into rugby it cost me 90 dollars to burn a few cals, freeze my ass off, and break a few too many bones also now im not allowed to transfer because i have to finish the rugby or its 90 wasted its fun but i wanna go to a different school WHAT SHOULD I DO????
  3. Tidus_Flame

    Favorite Poems

    when i started up the stair, i met a man who wasn't there, he was not there again today, i wish that man would go away. annon....
  4. Tidus_Flame

    Sci Fi

    do you feel that Science Fiction is being raped by Hollywood? do you think its still possible for it to achieve originality, or artistic credibility?????? your opinion needed.....