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  1. Jale

    BENCHMARK: Can Your PC Run Final Fantasy XIV?

    Square-Enix released a benchmarking application to determine if your computer can run Final Fantasy XIV flawlessly. The application is 172 MB in size and 335 MB uncompressed. To get it, just click >>here<<, accept the terms and conditions and then run it in the different modes it offers. After...
  2. Jale

    And so it finally happened: Alan Wake CANCELLED for PC.

    A big slap and "FU" for PC gamers, and yet with another absurd argument. Source: Source:
  3. Jale

    (Rumored) The New Zelda Wii Could Be a Sequel for Majora's Mask.

    Haven't read any of the sources yet, but here they are:
  4. Jale

    Duludubi Star: The Chinese "Super Mario Galaxy"

    OK, I can't deny the game is well elaborated, but wait... it's a huge rip-off from Super Mario Galaxy. I guess they copied everything so they just needed to remove Mario and put a dragon-like creature that sounds exactly like Klonoa :lol: Meh, just watch the video and discuss. Apparently it's a...
  5. Jale

    [MUSIC] Zelda Reorchestrated: Over 82 Tracks of Ocarina of Time Music.

    A late Christmas present for you :)
  6. Jale

    "Mario" dies at 76

    May his soul rest in peace.
  7. Jale

    Game Problem: Halo Combat Evolved won't run.

    This is what I get when trying to run Halo Combat Evolved. I've reinstalled the game three times already and I keep getting this error. I've checked if fx.bin is there and it is there in the shaders folder. I've ran this game with my previous 8600GT card, but now I'm trying to run it with...
  8. Jale

    Emulator Problem: Dolphin: TLOZ Twilight Princess - Has anyone played it "sucessfully"?

    I know the emulator has loads of problems with this game, but I've read it can be completed if I keep saving. Well the problem now is that it crashes in a very specific point all the time making the game unplayable. I'm using Dolphin SVN 3972 and the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess...
  9. Jale

    Super Mario 63

    Not really a Nintendo game, but it's related to it and this is perhaps the best Flash fan-made game I've ever played so far. I'm talking about Super Mario 63, a 2D side scrolling game which combines many elements from all Mario games, since those from the Super Nintendo to the latest, being this...
  10. Jale

    Computer Problem: Serious Hard Disk Problem.

    Ooookay, where to start? Recently, I bought a 250 GB Western Digital disk, installed Windows on it and everything is OK there. The problem is, whenever I want to transfer files from one disk to another, my PC starts to act very slow and the transfer time increases insanely. Whenever I want to...
  11. Jale

    Google Chrome

    Has anyone tried it? Did you like it? I'm currently downloading it so I can give it a try. For those who don't know what Google Chrome is, it's a new web browser made by Google and it was released yesterday. If any of you are interested, here's the LINK. EDIT 1 - It's very fast and apparently...
  12. Jale


    This made my day ^_^
  13. Jale

    NO$GBA Language Change.

    The "Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin" ROM I have is multi-language, but I don't know where to change it. Is it done through the emulator or BIOS/Firmware?
  14. Jale

    New Castlevania For The DS

    I've read there will be a third Castlevania title for the DS, which name and release date is to be confirmed. Hell, I'm not even sure if this game is going to be released anyway, since Konami didn't say anything about. I don't even know if it's real or a hoax... but anyway... No name is know...
  15. Jale

    PC Upgrading Help

    Now, after 4 years of having the same computer, it's time to upgrade it. The other reason that led me to take this desicion is the death of my ATI Radeon X1600 (well, the whole card is fine, but the fan is broken and burnt) and there's no point in buying another old AGP card. Keep in mind I...
  16. Jale

    NO$GBA - Microphone Question.

    I know that microphone support has been implemented in v2.3d or somewhere close, but I tried blowing at it during WarioWare Touched! and nothing happens. I have a good microphone and tried every setting possible (sound input/output, microphone boost, etc) and nothing. I'm stuck on that game...
  17. Jale

    Sega Saturn Emulation.

    It's my very first time trying a Sega Saturn emulator and I had no luck running "Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight" (a.k.a. "Symphony of the Night", Saturn version). I've tried SSF, Yabause and Cassini and only Yabause ran the game, but very slow (just like Nintendo DS emulators; I think...
  18. Jale

    Rice Video 6.1.4 Released!

    You can download it here.