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  1. mehwish.yati

    What are you playing right now?

    I'm currently switching between New World and Back 4 Blood. When none of my friends are online, I play New World, and when they are, I play B4B. Both are excellent games to play after work when your brain has turned to mush. I used to play Final Fantasy XIV, but there's so much text in that game...
  2. mehwish.yati

    What is true happiness for you

    "A lazy Saturday breakfast in the garden, with your whole family besides you, fresh bread with cheese and orange juice. Blue sky and sun above. "
  3. mehwish.yati

    Pokemon emerald crash

    Damn I assumed I was the only one who had gone through this. I'm not sure if there is a fix for it yet, but there is a workaround. Every time you need to access items above and below the electrize, you must organize your items using select. Personally, I recommend storing all important items...