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  1. alcoatjez


    About two weeks ago I was looking for a nice freeware game to fill time. That's when I found osu!. As you can see in my sig, it's pretty addictive ;) Be sure to check out the video on the front page of the site to get an idea what osu! is. It would be nice for some people from this forum to...
  2. alcoatjez

    Emulator Release: MiSFiT MAME v0.127 C
  3. alcoatjez

    Emulator Release: Ootake v1.58
  4. alcoatjez

    Meka 0.72 released

    Sorry, forgot this was already on the main page :o
  5. alcoatjez

    MAME 0.113 released

    MAME 0.113 released
  6. alcoatjez

    MAME 0.112

    MAME 0.112 is released
  7. alcoatjez

    MAME 0.103u3

    MAME 0.103u3 out! Mmm, NeoGeo mess cleaned, 2 new CHDs... Nice one ;) 0.103u3 ------- Source Changes -------------- H8/Last Fight update: [R. Belmont] * (H8) Limited vector reads to 24 bits * (H8) Added SHLL.W, EXTU.L, SUBS.L #2, and SUBS.L #4 opcodes * Includes Guru's readme * Loads all...
  8. alcoatjez

    Back in the house

    Yep, I'm back again. Been awfully busy lately, mostly only posting (and modding) at RomShare, but I thought I couldn't let Montpics and Hagbard alone :D
  9. alcoatjez

    Hi all!

    Hi all! As you can see I'm new here! Montpics recommended this forum to me @ Romshare Forums. I'm a mod there and he's one here I see, so finally I can get back to him for spamming Romshare's forums! JK, Monty, I will behave :)