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    Hiya xxxxxx
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    Forum owners beware It says its only effecting phpBB, but my invision board got several skins infected by it, rendering them useless. Make some backups of your skins (I never).
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    Geforce TV output

    Motherboard - MSI KT6V Graphics card - Creative 3D Blaster Geforce4 Ti4200 Ok I have 2 televisions here, a 14'' one I have in my bedroom, and an older (about 1994ish) 40'' television in my living room. Both of these are working perfectly, the scart sockets on both are used almost daily...
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    it made me laugh
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    A Song Brought To You By Badger

    Total freestyle Banana song The Waz remix is due to follow
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    A Collection Of Words

    Lunatic Error Fuckwit Tit Ego Rectum Idiot Stupid Incompetent Simple Arrogant Cunt Uninspiring Nothing Twat
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    No more this And now a nice 1mbs connection :D
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    How Many?

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    Little Fact

    If for one year every business in the world surrendered it's profits (not wages or expense's) and devided it evenly between every family world wide, each family would receive around £2,400,000 (about US$3,700,000)
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    Colin Mcrae

    Anyone else quite sad McRae has quit the WRC? The way he's been shunned is shocking. The FIA though were shit in passing the rule change so late in the season, leaving alot of drivers in limbo with no teams to go to the following season as all the contracts had been signed.. Sport will miss...
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    Reeves And Mortimer

    Dunno if you get them else where in the world, but as Waz will no doubt testify they are comic genius in the art of complete and utter random.
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    Pigeon Racing

    who's going to win discuss
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    Name That Tune

    self explanitory Download the Zip, and first person to name all 9 tunes wins Piece of piss
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    Congratulations Waz on the birth of your first child. I hope both you and Sarah apprieciate what you have created and your love goes stronger over it. I know you hate stuff like this being broadcast over the web, but what the hell :P