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  1. Deezbeez

    Net Neutrality

    The new CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, has openly stated in an interview that they think net neutrality is “a load of bollocks” and claimed they're already doing deals to deliver some people’s content faster than others. They would then put websites and services that don't pay Virgin in the...
  2. Deezbeez

    Why are companies so d*mn stupid & against emulation?

    I was reading the news on their japanese site a little while ago. They are now warning customers (in Asia) that viruses can be spread via ripped UMD's and emulators. What are they trying to do with this? And Nintendo has been taking a number of rom sites to court. It's...
  3. Deezbeez

    Nintendo falling apart?

    Since the release of "Nintendogs" we are all wondering what Nintendo is aiming it's games at? Young 8 year old girl gamers? Ok, yea Nintendo might have had SOME decent games, but is Nintendogs a look into the future for Nintendo? Are these the games we should expect with the Revolution, and if...
  4. Deezbeez

    Deez is back.

    Hey, how's it going? Been a long time but im back for those of you that remember me.