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  1. Alexander_13

    need help finding a song

    i found it
  2. Alexander_13

    need help finding a song

    it was a woman with a yellow jumper in the music video
  3. Alexander_13

    need help finding a song i upload an audio in the music video of the 90's was a black american rapper with a yellow jumper i hope you can tell me the name of the song or the artist thanks
  4. Alexander_13

    can you add android emulators?

    LIKE BLUESTACKS,NOX, MEMU? in this page to download
  5. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: burn a dvd error

    what program should I use for a DVD BURNER? I got 2 8.5gb dvds and I want to burn the gta 4 ISOS please help error pics the my Sony drive is 1.74 is the last version the driver I mean is a Sony dvd rw aw-q170a I dunno I...
  6. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: how can I change this icon? Check the pic, I try everything but no idea the route of that icon is the desktop icon but when you save an image the original icon appears again. So where is the route in order to change that icon?
  7. Alexander_13

    anyone knows a tool to modify rpgmaker 2003 save editor?

    I want to modifiy a save file but I can't, anyone know a tool that allows you to modify the saved game? if I try to modify an item rule in the game that error appears so I need a tool to add item in my save file.
  8. Alexander_13

    help me to reach 5gb

    on onedrive thanks you will get 0.5gb too
  9. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: about my genius keyboard kb12e

    So I have this keyboard and I have no idea why the back and forward keys with Firefox doesn't work these are the driver photos version 7k 2.0 but I can't configure the back and forward...
  10. Alexander_13

    could you update the emu here cuz it works good
  11. Alexander_13

    Game Problem: who can pass this stage for me?

    It's the game Resident Evil 6 this mission I can't pass it on the pc so if anyone can download my save file here and do it for me PLEASE :) the version of the game is full unlocked and with the update 3 so pm me when...
  12. Alexander_13

    Emulator Problem: with what emulator I can emulate gta liberty city stories for psp?

    I try the first 2 psp emulator but they don't start,please explain me how I emulate this game or which emulator you reccomend :)
  13. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: Error in windows xp sp3

    Well I used registry mechanic and then I lost my list here how can I recover that? I use to have some program but no nothing. another issue after I used that program is that windows take more time to START but starts how can I fix that? I can't use system...
  14. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: Trouble with my mobile phone

    It's an old model of Samsung I bought the usb cuz it didn't come with it and I need the program to download the pictures of my phone, add games or change the ringtones. The phone is Samsung SGH C425 many people got problems so before posting tell me a program that works :) (I GOT THE USB...
  15. Alexander_13

    Skype will be the new Windows Live Messenger

    So for all that still use WLM tell your friends to change skype
  16. Alexander_13

    miami vice episode which is the name of it?

    In this video at minute 3:59 till 4:02 I want to know the episode cuz I didn't watch it so maybe someone here knows
  17. Alexander_13

    what's the name of this song?

    from the 80's at 5:35 says ohhh I know..
  18. Alexander_13

    Computer Problem: zumodrive will closed and skydrive reduce the gb of storage

    Like you read so the one that use zumodrive will close on june 1st and Skydrive of Microsoft reduce to 7gb the storage but you can manage storage if you enter to 25gb for free so do that while you can...
  19. Alexander_13

    Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer check it out
  20. Alexander_13

    need help with mini troopers

    This game is a flash game where you control your troops and fight with other armies, you fight 3 battles per day so I leave my link so you can start and you can join my army too thanks.