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  1. zeldafreak1223

    dreamcast sdk?

    Does anybody here have, or know where to obtain, an sdk for the Dreamcast? I have recently become intrested in building dreamcast games, but I need the right tools. If no one knows where I can get an sdk, does anyone know some decent dreamcast rom (iso) hacking tools?
  2. zeldafreak1223

    beyond today...

    ive been thinking about stuff like this for awhile now. what is going to happen once we reach the point of video games perfectly emulating the real world (in terms of graphics)? will games stop being produced? or will we move into the realm of virtual reality? or will we all have to wear glasses...
  3. zeldafreak1223

    smb2(j) gamegenie/proactionreplay codes?

    super mario bros 2 (japan) is a cool game i got recently, and was wondering if anyone has codes for this game. thanx!:happy:
  4. zeldafreak1223

    ps2 emu playing?

    hey, ive been wondering, ive seen a bunch of cheap discs for sale that have lots of old n64 games on them. you load them up and they just have a menu with a list of games. you select one and play, and it even has saving features. im just wondering, how do people do that? is it accomplished with...
  5. zeldafreak1223

    emulating saturn

    okay, so i recently got a copy of the Sonic Jam rom (which i had to look very hard for). i downloaded the highest rated emulators from the emulator-zone (SSF and Satourne as a backup if SSF didn't work). however, i've only ever emulated old things before, like NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 and stuff...