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    Help me make my own iso/bin from my own games

    I have 8 ps1 games. I have tried making an iso and .bin file from legend of mana and neither will work with epsxe1.6. I am using a demo version of magiciso. Should I use a different program, what am I doing wrong? I have epsxe configured properly with the ntsc bios. Please help, thanks.
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    Ordered a PSP, anything I should know?

    -Which PSP updates will not allow me to run emulators? -Are there any SNES emulators for the psp? -What format do the songs have to be to play on the psp? -What are some good screen protectors that won't leave little air bubble inside or make the screen look faded? -Where can I find good prices...
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    PSP Emulator?

    Is there or will there be a functioning PSP emulator for the pc in the near future? I don't care about ps2 emulator's since I have a ps2, but I don't want to spend $300+ just to play a few games on the go.
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    Looking for a new video card

    Dell 4500 Pent 4 2.0ghz 768mb DDR pc2100 ram Windows XP Home I am currently running on a AGP Nvidia GeForce MX420 64mb video card and that plays all gens/snes emulators at full display capabilities, but when running epsxe or project 64 I can only keep things at default or basic, same goes for...
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    SNES9x help

    How do I get the emulator to cover the entire screen, but not be so pixelated? When I load a game the screen is all small, but crisp/clear like I was playing an actual snes. But when I try to make the image bigger than a gameboy screen it becomes all ugly looking. Has anyone successfully gotten...
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    ePSXe help(plugins/settings)

    -WinXP Home SP2 -756mb ram -64mb nvidia agp -Pentium 4 2.0ghz Using either epsxe 1.52 or 1.6. What plugins should I use for sound/graphics? It's been a while since I used a psx emulator and I would like to know what are the best plugins/settings to use on these emulators. Before, when I had...
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    burning snes/n64 roms?

    Is it possible to burn snes/n64 roms to a cd and have the emulator play the roms off the cd? If so do I have to do anything special, other than just burning the roms to a cd and locating them with the emulator?
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    legend of legaia/psxeven help

    If any of you have played this game on this emulator does your emulator get closed down after you're in the practice battle right at the beginning of the game? I have tried about 5 different graphics plugins and the game shuts down around the same spot. Sooner or later in the practice battle...
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    yoshi story help. left half of screen flickers

    I have tried many different yoshi story roms and either they dont work or they all have the same problems. Has anyone had a yoshi story working where the left half of the screen doesn't flicker while playing a level? If so what plugins/emulator did you use. I have tried project64/project64k/1964
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    chrono cross help

    nevermind I found the answer to my problem, forgot about search button
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    help with n64 emulator

    I am looking for a quality 64 emulator that supports kaillera. I can get project64k to work, but my friend cannot get project64k to work. He keeps getting some direct3d error, but has some quality ati 256mb video card. So I decide to try out some other N64 emulators, but they all suck, except...
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    couldn't create/open mempak file

    This is what I get each time I open up a rom on 1964. Does anyone know what I can do to get this to work correctly?
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    Friend has problems getting p64 to work

    everytime he goes to start the program he gets this error message: Direct3D failed to initialize your HAL device make sure you have a properly configured 3D graphics card compatiblbe with Direct3D 6.0 Failed to INitiliaze graphics he just got some 256mb video card, his pc specs are really up...
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    More Mame32K questions

    1.Why can't I play metal slug 1 when I can play metal slug 2, 3, and x? when I audit the games, it shows this for mslug: mslug : 201-c1.bin 4194304 bytes d00bd152 INCORRECT CHECKSUM: 72813676 mslug : 201-c2.bin 4194304 bytes ddff1dea INCORRECT CHECKSUM: 96f62574 mslug : 201-c3.bin...
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    Help loading games with Snes9k

    before I got snes9k I was using a perfectly working snes9x. now when I go to load game from snes9k and click the folder that has all of my 700+ games, nothing shows up and it takes me back to the blank black screen of the snes9k program. usually when I click the folder with all my snes games it...
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    How to setup controller for Mame32 Plus???

    Under options; default game options; controllers I clicked enable joystick and for P1 it says ID:1. i clicked apply and ok, but where in the hell do I setup my buttons for the controller like button a assign to button 1 on controller, move left assign to left analog stick, etc. thanks for help
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    Beginner Help Project64 Choppy Games

    Computer Specs: Pent 4 2.0ghz processor GeForce4 MX 420 Memory 776mb ram directx 9.0c running project64 with update patch: some games like goldeneye OO7, mario tennis, diddy kong racing the FPS goes down from around 60 to as low as 10. I don't know much about project64, so if anyone has any...