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    Online TV Stations

    Hello! I really don't know too much about this topic so, I though you guys might be able to help me. Basically I want to setup my parents T.V so that they can watch channels from other countries. Now Ive looked into a few thing, but I need to find the most reliable, yet easy way of doing it...
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    Horror Movies fo Halloween

    So I'm trying to put together a few scary movies to watch with my roommates before Halloween. What do you guys suggest. So far I got: Rosemary's Baby - Never seen its but seems pretty cool Nightmare on Elm Street I need at least two more good ones! Possibly a murder on, thats more...
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    If I was a Rom

    Where on the Internet would I hide?
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    Well ive been having problems connecting my creative zen to my computer through my usb port. Everytime I connect it to my computer it says that device is unknown (the ubs port). Now my mouse and printer run through usb aswell so im not sure what the problem seems to be. Ive updated my...
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    Prison Break

    Anyone else watching this show? Man its really good. So basically this guy gets sent to jail because he was setup for murder. He was found guilty and he is sentenced to death. So his brother goes into jail to try and bail him out (guys got the blueprint of the escape all tatooed on his...
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    Hurricane Katrina

    Surprise no ones talking about New Orleans.
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    Favorites folder in Firefox

    I got a question - Where is the favorits folder from firefox browser?
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    Thumb Problem

    The yes and no thumbs dont work...well they work except they both are displayed as no see :msn_thumb (NO) :msn_thumb (Yes)
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    JFK: Reloaded

    I wanna know about is that game thats based on the assasination of JFK? Anyone know what im talking about. I wonder how the gameplay is like :rolleyes:
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    Napoleon Dynamite

    Anyone seen this movie? Its very unique and hilariouse. Opinions.
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    Condition Zero

    I just got this game and man im disapointed. It looks alot like they rushed it because it basically the same as CS. I havent played MP yet but the single player is not that great...and its nothing new :(
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    Unreal Tournament 2004

    The demo is out and man this game kicks ass....I take bad all the bad things I said about it, because holy smokes it kicks ass! You can get the download here .exe]].exe Man the veichels are amazing
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    Its out....I just got it...sound pretty good
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    Nfs Underground

    ok I just got nfs undeground and im trying to instal it with deamon tools since my burner. The problem is that I need to continue the instalation by inserting the second how do I do this... Thanx :ph34r:
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    Need For Speed: Underground

    OMG I just tried out the demo....and man this game is fucking amazing! Its base alot on fast an the furiouse and it looks great, here is a link to the demo I strongly recomend you try it out. Man my best time was 26.09 in the drag race.
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    Gta For Xbox

    I just hear GTAIII and Vice City are coming out for X-Box!....thats pretty cool but the games are kinda old now, but anyways I guess its good news for X-Box owners.