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    Should I start banning people who claim to have 360/PS3 emulators?

    Enjoy this rare opportunity for democracy.
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    Small World

    I was at my economics lecture last night and the guy in front of me was surfing on the main pages of this site on his laptop. Small world, eh?
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    Chrono Trigger Symphonic Remix listening to it now. a nice trip down memory lane :)
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    pop music sucks, any oldies recommendations?

    yeah, after 4 years, ive come to the conclusion that pop music sucks some major dog balls (i know, its taken too long). ive started listening to oldies again, and right now im listening to: billy joel, beegees, beatles and james taylor. any recommendations would be great, i'm not a big fan of elvis
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    Get Your Xbox Emulator Here

    if you came to this thread expecting to find an emulator playing commercial games, sorry to disappoint you, but theres no xbox emulator capable of playing commercial games
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    Nintendo DS Emulator Released!

    A Nintendo DS emulator has been released and was tested by The Inquirer. Pretty sweet eh? Even before the thing is released!
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    Any Overclockers here?

    anyone here overclock (other than neco and i)?
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    want to help find a cure for cancer? this is a great project thats done by thousands of people around the globe. we could start a Folding @ Home team for this site, but we have too little people, so my idea is to help the forum i am folding for right now...
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    Making Xp Pro Emergency Repair Disk?

    how do i make this? i just spent about 2 hours manually repair XP in the console thing (wont get into why i needed to, i was being rather dumb :P) which was hell. im pretty sure if i made a repair disk i wouldnt have to spend so much time. how would i make one?