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    chanka's released

    ok, its released, i need the bios, i hope this site puts them on when the emu gets put on the site, if u want the emu then go to
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    chanka in action

    ive got hold of a video of the new dc emu "chanka" in action take a look
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    hugo's house of horrors

    i remember this old skool horror adventure game i used 2 play in primary school called hugo's house of horrors. ive been frantically looking for it in the last 5 minutes on kazaa but i can find it has anyone else ever heard of this game
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    burnin ps2 dvd games with a dvd burner

    ok, we are getting a dvd burner soon i am just wondering if it is possible to burn a ps2 dvd game 2 a dvd disc and actually play it on the ps2(eg. Gran Turismo 3) will the ps2 read it? ive already got gt3 but i want to make spare copies of it
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    all time best game ever

    in ur opinion, wat do u think it is, the best game eva i think its alex kidd on sega master system:P
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    Mame 0.81b

    whenever i open it its says documentation not found i need help, with the emulator of course, b4 u all start teasing telling me how i really need help anyway any assistance would be greatly appreciated
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    killeria client

    duz anyone here play on killeria client
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    problems running an iso i made

    hey, i made an iso of shane warne cricket, my epsxe 1.6.0 emulator plays it but it run about 3 times normal speed, i dunno wat i can do thanx for the help in advance :D caleb
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    atari jaguar

    ive got an atari jauguar emulator and for a 64 bit emulator it looks really crap, i know it was the first one but still cmon, it looks like a sega genesis(i love shane warne cricket) anyway why is this caleb
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    high scores

    i once got a 32-0 score on nintendo world cup on nes, i was soo proud of myself. im just wonderin wat kinda high scores you people have got in wateva game cya caleb
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    samurai showdown 5

    can someone tell me wat emulator plays samurai showdown 5 bcoz i cant seem 2 get it working on anything, the emultors arent seeming to read it and it isnt a faulty rom either thanx caleb
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    gba graphics

    ok im sitting in front of the computer playing street fighter alpha 3 on gba and im realising that these graphics are like as good as the marvel vs capcom game i have on psx. i think gba has gone a long way for a 32 bit hand held. wat do you people think, just curious :D
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    just wonderin if anyone new anything about maybe the epsxe team creating a ps2 emulator coz if anyone can do it, its them :D
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    plroblems with saturn

    hey im havin a bit of trouble with my saturn emulator" saturne ". it wont load any plugins :huh: , if anyone could help me i would be very pleased thanx caleb :)
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    how do u make an emulator

    i have many emulators for many systems and they are remarkable things, i am just wondering how u can make such a thing, i personally love the epsxe emulators,they run like a charm, i dont know how they can make a thing that runs ps1 games soo good. i am looking forward to a proper development of...