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    Stepmania & Nebula with MameWah

    As the title suggests, I have both these emulators running with MameWah, but to exit these applications I am having to use "Alt+F4" instead of the preferred "Esc" key... does anyone know of a way round this, or which config changes to make? :glare:
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    Gamepad Configuration - Project Tempest

    Hi guys, I've finally found a copy of Project Tempest v0.82 to use with Mamewah (the last commandline version of PT). I've got the game selection working and the games loading perfectly... However, I want to configure my USB gamepad rather than use the keyboard, and it's not working.. HELP...
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    Project64 / MAMEWAH Problem!!

    Hi All, Been using Emlator-Zone for ages, and only just realised there is a forum!! Anyway, back to business... I'm in the process of setting up my various emulators with MameWah and have come to a grinding halt... with Project64! Project64, when run on it's own works as advertised.. no...