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  1. Lefteris_D

    Ultimate Retro Gaming Emulation Device?

    I believe the Odin Pro uses Android, and that could limit you a bit in terms of choices. The Steam Deck is Linux based and that has more options in terms of emulators. Yes, the Deck will require more "tweaking" for each emulator, as it is pretty much a PC in a hand held form factor.
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    Extract legal GameCube game file?

    This should cover everything you need:
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    Building communities

    As long as you are being transparent about the monetization, it should be ok. But it also depends on the type of community.
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    mission impossible, is impossible to play!

    Wow...! For the record, almost nobody plays physical media nowadays through an emulator. Given that it is no longer 2004, like your original post, and storage capacity is not as big of an issue as back then, people just make a dump of the CD/DVD and run that through the emulator
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    What PC emulator can run Xbox games effectively?

    You only have one choice, Xemu. Feel free to check the compatibility list and see if it covers the games you want:
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    how can i rip a gamecube game a into .gcm file?

    This should cover what you need to know about ripping Gamecube games:
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    Can I use an emulator to play NCAA 14 on Xbox Series S?

    First of all, you are correct and you will need to buy/use dev mode for emulators. As for the game in question, I am afraid there are no PS3 emulators for the xbox yet.
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    Where can I find safe downloads for PS3 and Xbox 360 games?

    I am afraid we cannot help you in finding those games
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    How to fix missing Fusion gear icon?

    It would help if you told us what file you downloaded exactly, that is a very odd problem.
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    Unable To Open Xbox Game Bar!

    Glad to see it worked out for you, but I only had bad experiences with using the xbox game bar in the past.
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    suitable machine to build a dedicated arcade cabinet

    Money is not really a good factor to judge this. First you need to check what specifications/requirements those steam games have. But as for the 80/90s part, if it can run those steam games, then those should run fine as well.
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    difference between the xbox and playstation

    I would say, go for Playstation emulation. PS1 and PS2 should not pose any issues, they have lots of features and once you learn how they work you will be fine. As for PS3, you may want to check the compatibility list for any games you are interested.
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    Please do not use or trust builds from

    I usually grab my builds from the github releases, whenever there is a new one.
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    Need some advice on emulation

    Hardware wise, you should be fine. PS2 is the most complicated of the systems you listed, and I have seen it run pretty well on similar hardware. Now, for a frontend. If you want really fancy things like cover art, animations and other features, then LaunchBox is a good choice. There is a free...
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    Does Sony allow PS1/2/PSP emulation legally?

    Sony will not give permission, even if you own the games.
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    Thursday quiz

    I can't really think of something
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    SEGA Emulation

    It also supports sega cd and 32x games so you should be covered
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    how can i rip a gamecube game a into .gcm file?

    The Dolphin wiki explains the available methods for ripping games
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    emulators for xbox

    Your only options at the moment are these: - For the original xbox - for xbox 360
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    SSF - D3D11CreateDevice() error - help?

    For the record, I still use a 1070 on windows 10. So if you are using something older than me, it could be it. Unless it is that Macbook in your signature with bootcamp or something like that. I have no idea how it would work there.