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    best plugs and sets for FF8

    Can someone tell me what plugins they use and like post or email me screen shots of there settings. I just can't seem to get the game to start doing anything.
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    Ok so there I was thinking of what to do and old games start popping into my head. Like Contra....what in the world. I do remember contra though and man oh man was the first one my favorite. I got frustrated with the 1 hit kill thing but other than that I loved it. Oh there was another that was...
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    A show of hands, how many of you play WoW? I know I do. I have 3 chars and only been playing for about a month. Any pointers or suggestions would be great. Plus what would be a good spec to run the game with little or no chopyness? :huh:
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    Problems with some

    I know that body harves works but I can't get across the draw bridge in the birst stage. Also Mario 64, the sound will cut in and out, if anyone knows anything about that. Specs: Pentium 4 CPU 2.00GHz 2.02GHz, 512 Ram ATI 9600SE Emulator: Project64 Plugins: *vidio - Jabo'sD3D6 1.3 *audio...
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    Need help remembering name

    There was an arcade game where you had a ship and it was a top scrolling game. There were diffrent upgrades for your weapons and the faster you pumped the shoot button the better the weapon would be. For instance the purple laser would eventualy get to be this massive ship seeking death laser...
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    What in the world is the new topic?!

    So what is the topic the topic the new topic, besides the starcraft 3, halo 3, and day of defeat: source, oh can't forget the great armored core games..........I LOVE YOU ARMORED CORE! :innocent: oh please by all means post your thoughts, comments, remarks, dismarks, mark it all up. :confused:
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    Can't start get FF8

    Can't get FF8 started Alright, I have looked through all 24 pages of the Playstation Emulation & Games section and found nothing that can help me, so I have looked. My problem is I can not get FF8 to run, it just sits at the black screen of death in which I have come to call it. I have I think...