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    Linux whats that and why its becoming more popular

    Linux is based on unix an operating system fore sciencetists linux kernel was created by Linus Torvalds a finish programmer. Unlike unix which was for money and closed source at that time linux was open source and its still opensource. Linux by meaning of open source can be edited by anyone by...
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    Windows 11 announced

    Thats why linux is used more and more i will write post/thread about it.
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    Amiberry 5.6.4

    Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator, primarily targeted for ARM-based boards (like the Raspberry Pi) but nowadays also ported on x86 (macOS, Linux). It is based on the latest WinUAE, with several unique features on top of it, like a WHDLoad booter, custom controls, Host-Run functionality...
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    Best debian based distro's besides ubuntu

    So far i tested most popular distros and i share my experience i was searching something ligh enough to run on my hardware. 1.Siduction Linux fast based on debian unstable and debian sid well polished many configuration options blazing fast on xfce using apt. 2.Sparky 8 based on debian 13...
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    Choosing Programming Languages in 2023: Balancing Trends and Practicality

    Python,R for computing and Rust those should be most popular and i readed that Go is popular.
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    Gopher64 new n64 emulator
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    Free programing courses
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    Free programing courses
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    Creating documentation with Latex
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    Post your desktop!

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    New space engine
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    Libreboot bios and uefi alternative

    The Libreboot project provides free, open source (libre) boot firmware based on coreboot, replacing proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware on specific Intel/AMD x86 and ARM based motherboards, including laptop and desktop computers. It initialises the hardware (e.g. memory controller, CPU, peripherals)...
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    Other anki tutorial This tutorial helps to create flashcards but its more advanced.
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    Why learn C

    Other things in article:
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    Arduino course Have fun.
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    Mind maping software and mnemonics also how learn faster
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    Github alternatives

    Because Github was buyed by microsoft its not safe anymore and can collect data. There are 3 alternatives: Bitbucket should be free pricing,codeberg is totally free and gitlab is for money. Thats all.
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    Hoxs64 v1.1.2.3
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    Free programing courses

    Better C course: Also complete C++ course: