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  1. insanemaniak

    Emulator Problem: ePSXe 1.6.0 Teambuddies problems.

    Recently i began to want to play on my PS emu again, so i redownloaded the emu, Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.75, Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41, P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4, and both SCPH1001, SCPH7502 (some of my games run better on SCPH7502) Anyways, supprisingly, this time my Teambuddies decided to work (it...
  2. insanemaniak

    Where can i find certain Plush Dolls?

    I really wanna get a couple of Plush Dolls for my friends for christmas, only problem is i've checked for like hours and i can't find the certain ones i wanted. I wonder if anyone knows where to find these plush dolls, if so then thank you!!!! Tama (Japanese name) or Scratch (Dr. Briefs cat...
  3. insanemaniak

    How do you make a Wind turbine?

    I wanted to start a project on a mini wind turbine to attach to my shed or something which inturn would recharge batteries as such. My question is what exactly would i need and how can i do it, i've searched the internet but ain't found something i can do which would recharge batteries. On...
  4. insanemaniak

    Convert NTSC

    I downloaded a PSX ISO But it's NTSC, i need it to be PAL, is there anyway to convert it to PAL?
  5. insanemaniak

    Burning Anything

    Whenever i try to Burn anything to a blank cd, it stops half way through and says check if disk is scratched or dirty, it isn't any of them since i only just unseal the cds before i put them in my cd drive. Any idea how to fix this?
  6. insanemaniak

    Help :/

    I downloaded an ISO and it's in 12 parts, anyway i can get it into one iso?
  7. insanemaniak

    New computer

    Hmm, i'm going to buy a new desktop computer, maybe custom built, i wondered if i buy one from a shop, what would i be looking for? Like a decent build? upto around a grand to spend
  8. insanemaniak

    What is the best Mpeg-4 converter?

    Just wondered, what is the best converter to convert DVD's to the Mpeg-4 format?
  9. insanemaniak

    No$GBA... The Rom Image Has Crashed?

    I downloaded some NDS games, and on DeSmuME, they worked, but on No$GBA, it keeps giving me this error message, i did have the Roms and Bin files i needed but they made no difference, what do i do?
  10. insanemaniak

    A place to get Roms.

    Here, I'm too kind
  11. insanemaniak

    Dvd Jittery Problem

    If i play copied DVDs on my Pc most are fine but then i get the odd few which jitter and crackles, i was wondering how could i fix this cause the copied DVDs i just bought i need watch on my comp cause my ps2 has buggered up.
  12. insanemaniak

    Reformating External Hard Drive?

    I had a problem about 2 months ago with my external hard drive then i had my comp wiped and it doesn't install anymore whenever i go on to control panel and go on add hardware it doesn't find it then when i go onto a list of hardwares available it doesn't have my hard drive name or anything just...
  13. insanemaniak

    ISO Converter?

    I was wondering if i could convert The Sims 2 (P.c) to Mdf and other formats, if yes, then how?
  14. insanemaniak

    Xbox 360 Emulator

    Can people stop making Threads about 360 emulation and homebrew on the Xbox 360 please, cause one, There will be no friggin' Xbox 360 emulator for friggin' years, you should start making threads about it when Ps2 emulators and Xbox emulators are fully playable, which will be a heck of a long...
  15. insanemaniak

    Tony Hawk's Project 8, a dissapointment?

    I recently bought the new Tony Hawk's Project 8 game and to be honest it's a disapointment, i bought it for Ps2, i wasted 30 pound on some junk -.-, first of all when you get to the second area of the career mode it says "To go to the skateshop go to the pause menu then go to 'Skater Options'...
  16. insanemaniak

    .rm Converer

    Does anyone know of a good free .rm converter that can convert about 30 minute movies to Mpg or Mpeg if you do please tell me.
  17. insanemaniak

    Save File

    I wondered if anyone knows where to get a save file for crash team racing?
  18. insanemaniak

    What games work in dolphin

    just wondering
  19. insanemaniak

    Problem again

    I downloaded Crash Team Racing, and i got the following files: A .ccd file, .img file, .cue file and a .sub file. I get it to load by either mounting the .cue file on daemon tools or loading up the img file on run ISO and when i load it up it goes to the sony america blah blah.. screen but then...
  20. insanemaniak


    I downloaded Crash Bandicoot 2 and i got the files MDF and MDS in the folder what do i have to do to make them work in Epsxe 1.6.0 please anyone any idea's?