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    I want to put a bigger hard drive in my Modded Original Xbox.

    I have an original Xbox, and it is indeed modded. I would like to put a bigger hard drive in it. SO I was curious, what is the biggest harddrive you guys have put into your own modded xbox that has worked? Any help would be nice. Also if anyone knows where i can get an IDE harddrive cheap...
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    Wii U Virtual Console selection predictions.

    SO I am here to ask, who around here believes that the Wii U Virtual Console will have more games than the Wii Virtual Console did. Anyone wanna see this happen? I hope they have better deals, not one price drop ever in the Wii Virtual Console titles. I also hope Nintendo taps into their N64...
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    What's your favorite video game conspiracy theory?

    What's your favorite video game conspiracy theory? You probably have heard of a few rumors or theories, like final fantasy 8's squall is dead theory.
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    help with SNEmulDS

    I wanted to emulate on my DS. I have a DS lite, and I have put SNEmulDS .6 on my flash cart, but I don't know where to stick my ROMs, anyone use this before?
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    SO I assume a few people on here have seen this anime series, know of it's influence on Japanese games in the late 90s, and are curious of the Rebuild Of Evangelion movies final movie. SO anyone here wanna talk about it?
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    oLD bOOKS

    I got some old college books I cannot sell back to the colleges I attended, nor can I trade them in on amazon. I don't wanna just toss them, but I won't use them again really, and they are taking up space. Ideas on how to get rid of them.
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    N64 DD Emu?

    Is there any word on emulation or release of Nintendo 64 Disc Drive Emulation?
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    What is your favorite Emulator?

    I know this question isn't very specific, but out of all the Emulators you sue, what is your favorite, I don't mean for a specific system, but if you wanna say so, do it. Do you enjoy it's userface? It's compatibility? It's ease to use?
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    Final Fantasy VIII Ending?

    I assume there has to be a bit of fans out there of FF, I'm working on beating the game,a n the ending(Pretty much all of Disc 4, gets odd, I mean, besides the time Compression, can anyone help clear up this ending for me, story wise? I mean I got End Of Evangelion, but this isn't really clear...
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    Final Fnatays 8 ePSXe issue

    When I play Final Fantasy 8, during battles, the menus will not appear, any Ideas?
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    help getting PEC to work

    I need some help getting PEC to run, I have ePSXe 1.8, WIndows 7 64bit is what Im running, and i need to know what plugisn i get to try and run and redirect the video liek it says
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    Earthbound on Wii U Virtual Console

    Well after years, all the Mother 2 fans can rejoice at an official re-release internationally.
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    any help with Final Fantasy 8?

    SO I know it's been like 14 years since 1999, and I should have beat this by now. But I have only Disc 1 and 4 of it now, and I am stuck at the beginning of Disc 4, I cannot backtrack to other areas, and I am doing terrible against this boss. I figured since I am broke and got spare time, I'd...
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    looking for Public Domain and Homebrew ROMs

    I was wondering if anyone had some links to Homebrew or Public Domain ROMS for preferably the GBA, N64< and Dreamcast
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    Well I have just joined this site, and I'd like to ask if anyone has played Evoland yet, It's a Indie game, available on Steam and The Apple Store. If you aren't aware, check it out. Official Website. Also, I would love for someone to help me list all the references it has to other games.
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    Sony PlayStation Collection

    I was gonna go through all my PlayStation(One) collection, list it, along with going prices of anything that is expensive. And while I do this , I was curious of everyone else on heres collection of PS games? NO I do not count burnt games. GAMES: 007 Racing [NTSC-U/C][SLUS-01300] Brave Fencer...
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    Nintendo 64 Collection

    I was thinking of collecting N64 Games, it seems alot more possible than most systems to make a complete collection. Anyone on here have a huge legit collection? I was also gonna work on listing all my games, systems, and accessories, so I was curious what everyone else has. Anyway here is my...
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    O herro All. I am brand new to this forum, but I have been using this website for a few years now to download emulators. Hoping that I can find this forum nice and dandy.
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    Emulator Problem: New User, ePSXe audio Help.

    Hello All, I am brand new to this forum, I have used this website to download Emulators for years now, and I enjoy it. SO Anyway I seem to not be able to get my Laptop to Emulate Sound on PSX without having static or choppy sounds, regardless of games, anyone on here able to help me? Gamer...