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  1. CY-7D


    INTRODUCTION :excl: THIS GUIDE IS STILL IN PROGRESS DUE TO LACK OF SLEEP ALSO MIGHT HAVE SPELLING ERRORS TOO :excl: This guide is made for people who have possibly never used an emulator before. Another thing to know is that this will be a helpful guide showing and explaining all of what is...
  2. CY-7D

    Hey, everyone

    New to the whole scene and would hopefully like to stay here as long as possible. Little bit about me: Love programming I mostly use python nowadays I used java and C++ with some HTML but just felt like it was time to try somethin' else :o Playing games from nes snes era is my favorite of all...
  3. CY-7D

    VBA-M: Pokemon Fire Red / Pokemon Leaf Green [TRADING]

    I've been looking and looking everywhere for over a month now and have found no useful or helpful content about trading with two different computers using LAN connection. I am aware of [vbalink info] I am currently using the version VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.4 (Windows 10 os)to emulate my GBA...