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    Ogre Battle 64 help

    When I set up Project 64 and ran the ROM of Ogre Battle 64, the background graphics were all messed up and the sound was messed up too. Does anyone know an emulator that could play this game in near perfect condition or anything else I could do? Thanks, Someone
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    CS server question?

    Is there any way I could get my PC to host a Counter-Strike Game for like one hour a week (so it will be like an independent server)?
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    Rayman sales question

    I have a question, does anyone remember the original Rayman game for the PS1 (it was 2D). Anyways, I have a question. Did the original Rayman have poor sales? I heard that Sony didn't want the game at its booth, because it was too kiddy. The reason I am asking this question is if the let Miche...
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    PC graphics question

    I am planning on buying a Compaq 8000Z, and if you go here: you'll see the product features. If you scroll down to "Graphics" in the features section, you'll see it says "8X AGP Graphics Card Slot." Does that mean that the 8000Z...
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    Are there any gba emulators for the Dreamcast?

    My question is "Are there any GBA emulators for the Dreamcast?" I have seen GBC and even SNES emulators, but not GBA emulators. Why is that? Thanks for your time, Someone
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    What Games Did Shigeru Miyamoto Direct In 2003?

    What games did Shigeru Miyamoto direct in 2003? Thanks Someone
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    Microsoft Word Help.

    What color do you think would make the best background? Thank you for your time and opinions, Someone
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    Ngage Cracked? Do you think the NGAGE could be cracked? So far, I heard that some cell phones could play Sonic N. I wonder when an NGAGE emulator on the PC will come out. Do you think an emulator could be made?
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    Looking For A Good Game

    For my latest weird post, I have this question: What PC game do you think I should get that could run on a computer that has 400 Mhz and a 4mb video card? So far I got: Starcraft, Empire Earth (though it lags a little), and Counter-Strike. Thank you for your suggestions -Someone
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    Looking For A Good Hl Mod

    I am looking for a good Half-Life mod other than Counter-Strike and Day Of Defeat. Please state if its multi or single player. Thanks -Someone
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    Cd Burning

    My friend has a CD-RW drive, but doesn't have the software to burn games (only music). Do you have any programs that you could easily use and is free(atleast a trial). Note: My friend is an idiot. Please suggest a program that is VERY easy to use. For some reason, he also doesn't like Nero.
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    Lost Counter-strike Cd-key

    I happened to lose my CS cd-key and I don't have the orginal case. Does anyone know a program that will retrieve my lost cd-key from my program? Thanks -Someone
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    Cs Ping Problem

    I am on a 56k line and I am asking, are there any programs that would optimize my RAM(not video) or skip a couple of frames per second so i could get a less ping? Thanks -Someone
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    Counter-strike And Diablo 2 Help

    I am pretty slow on the whole computer gaming thing, but I started to play Diablo 2 and Counter-Strike. 1) Is it possible to create a hotkey on Counter Strike and D2 by just pressing one button, the game will be minimized? 2) Also, when does Blizzard offer new quests to download for D2...
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    Looking For A Good Mmorpg

    I am looking for a good MMORPG. Please suggest any that follow all these guidelines: 1- The servers should be located in Korea in which i pay through my phone bill. It should not require to pay through a credit card.(Note: I want Korean servers, not because of their server speed, but because...
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    Gamecube Vga Box Questions

    I saw on some sites about VGA boxes for Gamecubes. What does it actually do? Does it improve the graphics? When you plug it into your computer, do you have to view the game on the computer or could you view it though your TV? Are there any other additional ways to improve a Gamecube's graphics...
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    Phantasy Star Online And Mario Kart Dd Question

    I have a question about PSO. Is there any way that an independent server(Not Sega's) could host a lan game (like the challenge game or the battle mode)? Also, I have a question about Mario Kart Double Dash. Is it possible to play online with a 56k modem? Is there any way that an independent...
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    How Do I Check How Much Video Ram Do I Have?

    I have a computer that runs on Windows, but does anyone know how to check how much video ram I have by using my computer. Does anyone know how to do it on a Mac? Thanks for your help -Someone
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    Favorite Home Console(5-12 Yrs)

    I am doing a poll to gather information for a future article for, so if you are between 5-12, what is your favorite video game console?