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  1. HAYDEN76

    What are you playing right now?

    I need to check out both of those games (New W. and B4B) both look good.
  2. HAYDEN76

    Which console or old computer is the best

    Yeah I haven't really played MSX but what I have seem it looked really good.
  3. HAYDEN76

    Which console or old computer is the best

    SNES is in the running for 3rd I would say,
  4. HAYDEN76

    Higan sound problem

    Thought I would give higan_v094-64bit a try sense I hear sound good things about. So I fire it up with a SNES rom, got video, but got no sound.. messed around with it but got nothing. Anybody got an idea :confused:
  5. HAYDEN76

    PSXeven movie recorder

    trying to record a movie using the psxeven, but can't remember what key(s) to hit.:( ive done it before so I know it works.any help
  6. HAYDEN76


    Has anyone heard of the free Xbox that they advertise on TV? I have seen it advertised on G4 and was wondering if its a total ripoff or not. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has tried this and gotten ripped off or succeeded? Please advise. Thanks!:)
  7. HAYDEN76


    just got this running and was wanting to know whats a good game to play or the best games for it:D im using magic engine v1.00 to emulate, it works pretty good, is this the best or is there something better. opinion's please.
  8. HAYDEN76

    ATARI++ WIN 1.51

    I can't get this thing to work I'm trying to run 5200 games but nothing happens,any help would be great thanx:D