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    Computer Problem: NVIDIA Kernel Driver Crash FIX / Driver has stopped responding FIX

    Hey, i´ve had problems with some games keep freezing, crashing back to windows from emulators like cemu, Doom wouldn´t run (yeah,yeah i´ve tried Vulkan) Raiden IV stuttered and crashed to complete system freeze. Here is what couldn´t fix it: - Reinstalling Windows (7/10) - tested many old and...
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    Hello everyone! Guten Tag :)

    Hey folks, my name is Chris and on my search for the lastest emulation news i´ve found this forum :) Glad to be here. I´m a huge HyperSpin fan and i also have a YouTube channel named "ROM RAID" where I upload tutorial videos for HyperSpin, Emulators, PC fixes, and other helpful stuff. Have a...