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    [YHBT]_Naruto_146_[F5119D4C].avi = FAKE?

    Downloaded it from the official DB site and instead of Naruto 146 they had replaced it with a movie? In the beginning it's the naruto intro but after that a movie begins. <_<
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    Removing Echelon Intro

    NOTE: Chankast can't go in game with the Echelon intro. Well here's how you do it!!! Source:
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    How to burn you favourite dreamcast games

    How to burn your favourite dreamcast games Ok, here's a tutorial that I've made on how to burn your dreamcast games.. How to burn .ccd files A .ccd file contains information about the logical structure of the CD.It's a ASCII text file and is used in conjunction with .IMG and .SUB files of the...