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  1. RockY

    I was wondering...

    What happened to the news?
  2. RockY

    GBA emu for the PS2...?

    Do you know of any one?
  3. RockY

    Problems Copying a CD

    Just wondering... Do you know how can I make a backup of this kind of CDs??? I have tried all Nero, MagicISO, Alcohol, CloneCD etc... And after 17% it just keeps reading and reading with no progress. As you may see it's some kind of protection...
  4. RockY

    FakeNES WIP October 26 Released!

    The work in progress version of this cool emulator has been updated. Check the new stuff below: ALL: Added support for decoding NESticle raw patches. [Siloh] ALL: Modified main loop to only consume as much CPU as neccessary (experimental). [Siloh] ALL: Added automatic VRAM page buffering...
  5. RockY

    MAME32FX 0.101u3 Released!

    This MAME32 variant has been updated today as well. Here's the new:Updated to MAME 0.101u3 Added an hack to V60 CPU core. Fixed MAMETesters bug Vf097u2Gre. (As requested) Re-added "-gamelist" option with some nice modifications. Removed SYSTEM18.C driver changes. (They were incorrect)...
  6. RockY

    MAME Plus! 0.101u3 Released!

    The improved version of MAME has been updated today. Here's what's new:Updated to MAME 0.101u3 Added Multiplayer.ini folder. Changed some neogeo.c decrypted and homebrew romsets.For detailed information about the updates, you can read the whatsnew_0101u3.txt file that comes inside the package...
  7. RockY

    WinUAE 1.1.1 Released!

    Today this great Amiga emulator was updated, this time the update includes full SCSI device support. For more details read what's new: Bugs fixed:Incorrect AF 2005 path defaults. Blitter freeze in CE-mode if D-channel was not enabled. Misc/Priority panel crash when running under Windows 9x/ME...
  8. RockY

    Atari++ 1.44 Released!

    The Atari 8 bits systems emulator has been updated today. Read the changes for more information: Fixed the SetIRQ service routine of the built-in Os. Fixed (again) the Antic NMI/DLI generation. Fixed CPU handling of the WSYNC register (broke Atlantis) Fixed the keyboard handler of the 5200...
  9. RockY

    Nestopia 1.21 Released!

    A new version of this great NES/Famicom emulator has been released. Here's the new stuff:Adjusted PPU cold reset timing, fixes Time Lord. Removed $4017.7 check for DMC IRQ, fixes Silent Service and Time Lord. Added an option for preserving the window size and position after exit. Added A12...
  10. RockY

    ZSNES October 20 WIP Released!

    The October 20 WIP version of this great SNES emulator is now available for downloading. Here's what's new:ALL: Reenable all sound channels on state load, removed some useless code. [Nach] ALL: SPC filenames are no longer truncated if there is a dot in the filename. [Jonas Quinn] ALL: Hacks...
  11. RockY

    ZSNES October 13 WIP Released!

    Th second update of the month for this emulator is finally here. Here's what's new: ALL: Made gui option save config override dontsave option. Fixed bug #13. [Nach] WIN: Added 1680x1050 FDR [Aerdan] SRC: Cleanup and consolidation [Nach]Download the emulator from here.
  12. RockY

    M.E.S.S. 0.101 Released!

    A new update for this multiple emulator is finally out. It's the first update of the month and we are expecting more. Here's what's new: New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):AT 486 [Nate Woods] Spectravideo SVI-603 Coleco Game Adapter [Tomas Karlsson]System Driver...
  13. RockY

    ZSNES WIP October 8 Released!

    Once again this great emulator was updated with new additions, fixes and removals. Here are the changes:ALL: Auto-increase save slot now shows the right slot onscreen, and works while recording movies as well. [grinvader] ALL: New frameskip code. [pagefault] ALL: SPC700 and DMA fixes...
  14. RockY

    MAME Plus! 0.100u4 Released!

    This enhanced MAME version was also released today, same changes for this one too, based on the latest version of MAME / MAME32. Get the emulator form the usual page.
  15. RockY

    MAME32 FX 0.100u4 Released!

    This MAME32 variant was updated today, the changes were based on MAME32 0.100u4 version. Also added speedup cheat to Jr. Pac-Man. (As requested, button 1 to enable) Get the emulator from here.
  16. RockY

    MAME32 0.100u4 Released!

    The integrated frontend version of MAME has been updated, for more information about the changes read them below. MAMETesters Bugs Fixed acrobatm0100u3gra [Mamesick]Source ChangesMore NSS updates. This is mostly for MESS's benefit but nss_ncaa improves from it too. [R. Belmont] - SPC700: Fixed...
  17. RockY

    Raine 0.43.2 Released!

    A new update of this nice emulator has been released. Here's what's new: Haze added diverboy, mugsmash, cross pang. I added Jumping pop, and Tetris 2+ (or fixed it since there was a preliminary driver in raine since 0.28, but it was really the begining). I also added the esd16 driver from mame...
  18. RockY

    MAME Plus! 0.100 Released!

    Finally they decided to update this build. The changes were based on the official MAME and MAME32 latest releases. Go here to download the emulator.
  19. RockY

    DSEmu 0.4.7 Released!

    A new version of this DS emulator was released today, once again it supports GBA games. Here's what's new:Support for the X and Y keys have been added. This can be configured using the Options/Configuration menu option. The code for this was contributed by Normmatt. Many fixes to key handling...
  20. RockY

    MAME32 FX 0.100 Released!

    Since MAME and MAME32 were officially updated to 0.100, this variant was also updated today.Updated to MAME 0.100 - MAME32 0.100 Removed an ugly hack from TWIN16.C driver. (No more needed)Get the emulator from here.